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Top Women in ERP: Four Twitter Influencers

Top Women in ERP: Four Twitter Influencers

Top Women in ERP: Four Twitter Influencers

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions are used by small and large organizations to integrate business processes across various departments to optimize their workflow. As cloud-based solutions continue to grow, traditional (or legacy) solutions are under threat.

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The ERP landscape continues to grow however, regardless of this disruption, as well as the conversations around the subject. An article posted from Onalytica mentioned looking at the Twitter conversations around related hashtags such as #ERP and #ERPSoftware in order to rank the most influential people talking about ERP solutions.

In that article, they have listed the top 50 ERP thought leaders on Twitter, but in honor of National Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, we have selected the women from this list to focus on. Below are four of the top female ERP influencers you can find on Twitter.

Heidi Melin @heidimelin

Heidi holds the position of Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Plex Systems, responsible for determining the strategic direction for Plex marketing initiatives. She is passionate about modern marketing, modern manufacturing, cloud and SaaS (Software as a Service), according to her Twitter. She previously served as CMO at Eloqua, Taleo, Polycom and Hyperion where she helped each company establish a higher profile in the marketplace. She has nearly 2,000 followers on Twitter and currently posts about hybrid ERP solutions.

Naomi Bloom @InFullBloomUS

After nearly 50 years in enterprise technology, Naomi now focuses on her other interests including writing/painting, traveling, theater/the arts and philanthropy, along with improving gender diversity in tech leadership. She is still a formidable advocate for the Human Resource Management (HRM) delivery system end-user community, and is focused entirely on achieving breakthroughs in organizational performance outcomes through effective HRM enabled by great HR technology, according to her LinkedIn. Naomi has a blog and is the author of Human Resource Management and Information Technology: Achieving a Strategic Partnership.

Cindy Jutras @ERP_cindyjutras

Cindy is a widely recognized expert in analyzing the impact of enterprise applications, including ERP, on business performance.  Prior to founding Mint Jutras, an independent research and advisory firm that specializes  in analyzing the business impact of enterprise applications, Cindy was Vice President, Research Fellow and Group Director for the Aberdeen Group, where she conducted survey-based research on ERP, suite-based enterprise applications and business performance management. She has a little over 1,000 followers on Twitter and you should be one of them!

Amiee Keenan @AmieeK_PMM

Amiee is a Partner Marketing Manager at Avalara and specializes in advertising, contact management, great plains software marketing and website updates. She has over 2,000 followers on Twitter and according to a recommendation made about her on LinkedIn, has been known to give partners the very best cloud solutions.

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