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Ultra Consultants Launches Center of Excellence

Ultra Consultants Launches Center of Excellence

 Ultra Consultants Launches Center of Excellence

Today, Ultra Consultants, an independent research and enterprise solutions consulting firm serving the manufacturing and distribution industries, today announced the launch of its Center of Excellence. Located here, the Center of Excellence provides clients educational resources and best practices about effective selection and deployment of enterprise technology and the tools required to choose the right solution – similar to our Enterprise Resource Planning Buyer’s Guide.

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“The Center of Excellence is another useful tool in our arsenal to help manufacturers and distributors determine the most effective technology solution for their enterprise,” said Ultra Consultants CEO and Founder Jeff Carr. “Our shared legacy of providing critical selection and deployment insight assists companies in operating more efficiently and rapidly achieving ROI.”

Manufacturing and distribution project teams are faced with a wide array of ERP solutions and a time-consuming challenge of determining the best processes to achieve an efficient, optimally functioning enterprise that fully leverages the advantages provided by technology.

As such, the process of searching, evaluating, purchasing, and deploying an ERP solution is not as simple as it once was. There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to ERP software. Solutions today come in a variety of different flavors, each features a particular set of capabilities, strengths, and drawbacks. Choosing the right vendor and solution is a complicated process—one that requires in-depth research and often comes down to more than just the solution and its technical capabilities.

Here at Solutions Review, it’s our job to help simplify that process. To that end, we’ve created a variety of buyer resources and articles to speed the evaluation of enterprise technology solutions. In our Enterprise Resource Planning Buyer’s Guide, we offer readers a full ERP market overview. This includes company and product profiles and best use cases for the top-24 providers, ten questions for prospective ERP buyers, and our bottom line analysis.

The Center of Excellence supports organizations by providing solutions for vertical industries such as automotive, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and others. Market-specific information is based on decades of experience helping manufacturers and distributors select and implement the right solution for their unique needs. Project teams will be able to review best practices for niche market segments and benefit from Ultra’s collective experience in serving clients.

“Selecting the proper technology solution requires a careful analysis of the company’s needs and a thoughtful picture of its desired future state,” stated Ultra Consultants Center of Excellence Director Andrew Bolivar. “The Center of Excellence helps cut through the marketing verbiage and enable users to thoroughly understand the benefits and potential pitfalls of different approaches. The collective experience of our team of consultants will help companies maximize the benefits of their investment in technology.”

To make it even easier for buyer’s that may be in niche and specific industries, Solutions Review has gone even further by creating two more ERP buyer’s guide. Our Manufacturing ERP Buyer’s Guide includes the top-24 ERP providers that offer strictly ERP solutions for the manufacturing industry. Similarly, our Distribution ERP Buyer’s Guide focuses on vendors that provide solutions for the wholesale distribution industry.

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