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VAI Launches New Version of S2K Enterprise ERP

VAI Launches New Version of S2K Enterprise ERP

VAI Launches New Version of S2K Enterprise ERP

VAI, an ERP software developer, announced today the launch of a new version of its flagship S2K Enterprise ERP solution, 6.1. Featuring a simplified user interface, S2K version 6.1 debuts new efficiencies and innovations around S2K Warehouse, S2K Suggested Purchasing, S2K Mobile, and S2K Analytics applications, and offers dynamically enhanced Sales Force, CRM, and Marketing Automation applications.

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According to the announcement, S2K 6.1 customers will have a more comprehensive solution to meet their unique business needs, including advanced inventory management, integrated CRM and Marketing, and enhanced analytics and mobile applications. S2K 6.1 bridges the gap between marketing and sales by integrating the contact database across these applications. This allows the marketing department to pass leads to sales, and sales to pass customer information to marketing, without any manual entry. As a result, sales representatives will have instant insight into the content a lead or customer has consumed, what links they have clicked on, and what web pages they have visited.

S2K 6.1 also comes with an enhanced suggested purchasing system – with the ability to manage order requisitions, receive orders, invoice management, and track suppliers, as well as forecast future spending to help with budgeting. This is an optimal feature for distributors and manufacturers alike.

“The more dead inventory businesses have in their warehouses, the higher the handling costs and negative cost implications,” said Bob Vormittag, chief executive officer and president at VAI. “There is a serious need for better agility and visibility among businesses’ ERP decisions, and suggested purchasing leverages historical sales data to forecast demand and predict long-range trends. S2K 6.1 will allow our customers to take the guesswork out of purchasing and improve ROI.”

In addition to augmented suggested purchasing features, S2K 6.1 offers users real-time access into analytics, like customer fill rates, through its ‘Health Check’ dashboards. S2K 6.1 allows businesses to view up to 100 metrics, which are updated in real-time in the ERP system so organizations have actionable insights into historical trends.

“At VAI, we strive to continuously develop new solutions to enhance all aspects of our customers’ businesses, provide unparalleled support and offer a simple experience,” said Larry Murphy vice president of R&D at VAI. By introducing S2K 6.1, we are offering our customers the chance to meet all of their business challenges head-on.”

S2K 6.1 will be unveiled at the VAI Fall Forum on September 19, 2019.

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