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WorkWise Announces New Software: ERP 9.9

WorkWise Announces New Software ERP 9point9
WorkWise Announces New Software ERP 9point9

Source: WorkWise

WorkWise, a leading developer of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions along with comprehensive implementation and support services, announced recently of their new product WorkWise ERP 9.9. This release builds upon the continued success of the Generation 9 product line, providing enhancements across the application that serve to increase functionality, improve user experience and reinforce user productivity.

WorkWise ERP 9.9, according to an article posted on their website, introduces a dynamic Global Search feature where users can view continuously filtered and keyword-related results from any WorkBench throughout the application.

“WorkWise’s latest product release, WorkWise ERP 9.9, builds upon and strengthens our product offerings with enhancements to accessibility, WorkBench functionality, and user interface. WorkWise software benefits from ongoing collaboration with our valued customers ensuring we continually enhance their user experience,” states Wayne Wendell, WorkWise President and CEO.

The article mentions some significant cutting-edge features that WorkWise ERP 9.9 bring to the table. These features include:

  • New real-time cycle count and enhanced count triggers.
  • Financial enhancements, including the addition of a new Trial Balance tab within the Financial WorkBench, which allows users to export data to Excel.
  • Improvements in Quotation maintenance, including a “Worksheet” tab for quick view of the entire quotation along with an export to Excel feature.
  • Significant enhancements to purchase order maintenance, including new approval workflow and full set of purchasing heads up events.
  • Purchase orders, acknowledgements, and invoices that can be customized to meet specific needs without modification.
  • New Approval WorkBench that allows for user-defined approval criteria tied to key order values.

Use of WorkWise software provides more accurate and timely information that helps enable companies and enterprises to grow and become more efficient. Their flagship products, WorkWise ERP and OnContract CRM are easy to use and quick to implement.  In addition, WorkWise software has preconfigured integration between WorkWise ERP and OnContract CRM, which is unavailable from other ERP and CRM suppliers.

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