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Courion Releases Access Insight 9.0

courionCourion, a provider of Vulnerability and Access Risk Management solutions, has announced the release of Access Insight 9.0.

User credentials and network access are still the top source of data breaches according the recent Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, and Access Insight 9.0 offers a new analytics engine based on the technology Courion acquired from Bay 31 in 2015. This engine enables companies to analyze complex data at significant scale with increased speed.

Access Insight 9.0 is platform agnostic and works with Courion’s identity management solution, as well as, any other identity management solution, or without an identity management system in place.

Businesses in all industries need to manage the exploding universe of identities, devices and data employees require to do their jobs. Access Insight 9.0 improves the efficiency and effectiveness of routine provisioning tasks and provides continuous and comprehensive monitoring so enterprises can automatically identify and remediate improper access that could harm organizations.

“Enterprises are realizing, sometimes through the unfortunate occurrence of a data breach or audit issues that they are at a system disadvantage when it comes to effectively managing access.” said Chris Sullivan, General Manager- Intelligence/Analytics at Courion. “They are not fast enough, they can’t deal with the complexity of interconnected and nested security models, and they can’t consistently measure what they are doing. It is time for this to change.”

Access Insight 9.0 identifies the risk associated with misalignment between users and their access within an organization and drives provisioning and governance controls to manage that risk. The solution provides a comprehensive, current and historic view and analysis of the trillions of relationships between identities, access rights, policies, resources, and activities across a multitude of enterprise systems and resources. Through this continuous and comprehensive monitoring and intuitive visualizations, companies can make informed decisions from complex access relationships.

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