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Four EU-Based IAM Vendors We’re Watching in 2017



If you’ve been following our site or InfoSec news in general, then you’re probably aware of the recent groundswell of interest in Identity and Access Management (IAM).

It’s common knowledge that companies and governments around the world are seeing increased value in Identity and Access Management (IAM) Solutions, and Europe is no exception.

In fact, 93% of European IT security leaders plan to maintain or increase spending on IAM in the next three years, according to a recent study from KuppingerCole. 42% of those polled claimed that they would increase their investment in IAM in 2016.

Indeed, the European IAM market is mature and full of vendors capable of meeting the basic requirements of a typical customer, but the explosion of security data in the enterprise has left the door wide open for innovation from players both old and new. 2017 has the potential to be a year of big changes for IAM in the EU, so here are my top four EU-based vendors to watch, presented in alphabetical order.

Beta Systems

Beta Systems boasts a wide range of security solutions including its Security Access Manager Enterprise Identity Manager (SAM EIM) for identity governance and provisioning functions, and its’ Garancy Access Intelligence Manager (AIM) for access analytics.

Beta Systems’ products are known for their capabilities in mainframe security and for highly customizable environments, often geared towards the technical user. The Germany-based company scores points for strong support and maintenance and makes an especially good fit for European-based companies though they have been making inroads with North American customers as well.


Netherlands–based iWelcome offers an open-source based IDaaS solution that includes authentication, SSO, federation, self-service registration and user provisioning capabilities for both on-premise and cloud applications, all delivered via a dedicated single-tenant delivery model that allows for massive customization and white-labeling. iWelcome is an ideal candidate for large, EU-based, enterprise organizations looking for an IDaaS solution that will meet complex business requirements and use-cases, as well as regulatory data residency requirements.


Denmark-based Omada’s Identity Suite (OIS) provides an enterprise platform for identity management and identity governance that is available either by component or as a comprehensive system. OIS features a flexible data model, excellent dashboards and powerful reporting capabilities, including closed loop reporting. Due to its strength in reporting, Omada’s OIS is highly recommended for organizations with a high level of need for auditing and compliance. Omada offers industry-tailor solutions for several verticals including Banking and Finance, Life-Sciences, Manufacturing, Public, Utilities, and Retail.


Specializing in business-driven identity life-cycle and access management solutions, Finland-based Propentus is the largest IAM vendor in Finland, and has made major inroads into EMEA markets in 2016, signing multiple distribution agreements across the Middle East & Africa. Propentus’s United Identity Suite offers identity management, access controls, PAM, SSO, governance, and reporting. Propentus’s core competencies lie in comprehensive identity life-cycle management and identity management for the internet of things.


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