Avatier Adds Biometric MFA to Password Station

Identity-mfa-devicesAvatier has announced the release of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Biometrics for its Password Station solution,starting November 29, 2016, .

With the introduction of new MFA Biometrics technology, users will now be able to authenticate their identity and securely unlock account, reset and synchronize their passwords using Biometric Face for facial recognition, Biometric Voice for voice identification, and Biometric Fingerprint for fingerprint scanning.

Password Station administrators can incorporate one of these methods into their setup, or they can give users the choice of authenticating through any of these three methods.

“We continue to give our users high quality products that are easy to use while offering an exceptional cost-savings value and the most secure authentication experience available,” explains Nelson Cicchitto, CEO and President of Avatier. “To achieve these goals we must stay at the forefront of new technology and tightly integrate it into our existing systems to protect our customers, brand, and reputation”.

Additional authentication options that Password Station currently offers include: Secure questions and answers, One Time Password (OTP) email, OTP SMS, Phone, and RSA soon to be announced many more leading MFA providers.

Jeff Edwards
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