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Courion Releases Access Assurance Suite 8.5

courionCourion has released the newest version of its intelligence-driven identity governance and administration suite, Access Assurance Suite 8.5.

The Courion Access Assurance Suite (AAS) allows customers to manage access to applications in the cloud or on-premise through provisioning user access changes, certifying user access, remediating access violations, and generating audit and compliance reports.

AAS is built from several modules that may be licensed separately and used as point solutions if desired. Together those modules form a comprehensive approach to access risk management with strong analytics capabilities.

Version 8.5 of AAS includes user interface enhancements, performance improvements, and flexible configuration options.

“Disparate IT infrastructures make it challenging to efficiently and effectively add new people, applications, and devices to enterprise systems,” said David Earhart, CEO of Courion. “Access Assurance Suite 8.5 integrates enterprises’ IGA needs to increase the efficiency of user account provisioning while rapidly detecting vulnerabilities and remediating threats.”

Courion is offering Access Assurance Suite 8.5 to current Courion customers and will soon roll out the solution to new customers.

Access Assurance Suite 8.5 includes:

  • AccountCourier automates the process of creating and managing user accounts and identities and allows defined access rights for identities across the enterprise.
  • PasswordCourier offers self-service password reset and synchronization across a variety of enterprise systems.
  • Access Request Manager simplifies the creation and management of the requests that govern user access.
  • ComplianceCourier enables businesses to certify user access rights to identify and validate “who has access to what” and effectively enforce least-privileged access across the enterprise.
  • RoleCourier simplifies and standardizes the process of defining policies for “who should have access to what” by establishing enterprise roles.



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