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Enterprise Resource: The ForgeRock Intro to Identity Series

Ten Top Identity and Access Management Online Courses for Professionals

Centrify’s recent research revealed the colossal gap that often exists between CEOs and their enterprise’s IT departments. One of their most standout findings is that CEOs that are aware of cybersecurity risks incorrectly believe that malware is the greatest threat to their business. Therefore, they put the majority of their cybersecurity budgets (assuming they have one) into anti-malware software.  

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They’re wrong. The big threat to enterprises is identity—stolen credentials, insider threats, and poor access management. Identity and Access Management is where budgets need the most focus.

If you are looking for a resource to help bring your board members up to speed with the modern digital threat landscape, check out the Intro to Identity Series by open-source Identity Management vendor ForgeRock. Hosted by Daniel Raskin and Allan Foster, these videos go into depth without becoming obtuse or losing sight of being engaging. They can also be a great training tool for newcomers into the identity management industry.

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