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Gartner Names Five ‘Cool Vendors’ In IAM To Watch For 2015

GartnerlogoGartner released the newest iteration of its yearly report Cool Vendors in Identity and Access Management (IAM) last week.  According to Gartner, the Cool Vendors reports focus on vendors whose “offerings and business models point to new directions in the market,” to help CISOs and IAM decision-makers consider new vendors and IAM technologies.

In the report, Gartner identifies several changes in the marketplace that are driving IAM buyers to “seek solutions that offer richer IAM functionality.”  In particular, Gartner notes that the rapid adoption of software as a service (SaaS) applications for the enterprise, such as Salesforce and Office 365, have driven a search for broader functionality. Single sign-on (SSO) capability, which Gartner calls “today’s norm,” may not be enough to secure the modern workplace environment, where users can log onto cloud-based SaaS or infrastructure remotely, from a wide range of platforms.

Gartner also reports that the Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the face of IAM. The Internet of Things creates new populations of users (things, ie. connected devices)  that require authentication just as people do, says Gartner. Standard authentication factors such as knowledge and biometrics do not apply to connected devices, so CISOs and IAM leaders must look to new options for “higher trust, ‘two-factor’ authentication of things.”

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“IAM leaders need to find authentication methods that can be integrated with things as well as endpoint devices, business applications, and so on,” says Gartner.

Gartner identifies five IAM providers as Cool Vendors in the report, up from just three in last year’s version. The following five vendors were named in the report:

Bitium, a  provider of cloud-based unified identity management that allows users to manage access to web-based applications and SaaS offerings such as Google apps and Office 365.

DeviceAuthority, an IAM vendor focused on advanced authentication and device-centric security for the Internet of Things., an identity vendor that provides customers with a secure digital wallet for digital identity cards.

Launchkey, a real-time authentication platform that pushes authorization requests to users mobile devices, so that they can utilize security factors on their own device.

Tuebora, a Citrix-backed IAM vendor that provides continuous compliance, adaptive management, intelligent governance, and simple configuration.

Gartner does not endorse any specific vendor and disclaims that Gartner’s ‘Cool Vendors’ “will not be appropriate for every organization.”

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