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Google Acquires IDaaS Co. Bitium to Shore up GCloud IAM

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This week is shaping up to be a busy week of IAM acquisitions. First SAP acquired CIAM co. Gigya for $350M, and now news that cloud/advertising/search/maps/self-driving-car giant Google has acquired Bitium, a provider of cloudy Identity-as-a-service (IDaaS) products for an undisclosed sum.

Founded in 2012, California-based Bitium offers a cloud-based IDaaS solution aimed at giving customers strong security capabilities and ease-of-use. The companies products include single sign-on (SSO), app management, analytics tools, user management, compliance and reporting, and directory integration.

In a statement published on the company blog, Google said that it hopes the acquisition will give it the capabilities to help it deliver on its “Cloud Identity vision,” namely, to deliver “a comprehensive solution for identity and access management and SSO that works across their modern cloud and mobile environments.

In a statement, Bitium’s leadership said that it would “continue to deliver the products and services our customers rely on with the added scale that Google provides”, and promised continued support for customers.

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