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Identity Automation Acquires HealthCast Inc.

Key Lessons from the Quest Diagnostics Data Breach

Identity Automation HealthCast Inc.

Access management and identity governance solution provider Identity Automation today announced its acquisition of HealthCast Inc. HealthCast Inc. is a virtual desktop technology and enterprise-level single sign-on (SSO) provider for healthcare institutions and industries.

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The healthcare industry has been well-known target of digital threat actors, as patient records prove to be an incredibly valuable commodity on the Deep Web black market—more valuable, in fact, than credit card data. Further complicating matters, the healthcare industry is one of the most regulated and scrutinized, adding the spectre of compliance penalties to the potential costs of data compromises and theft.

Healthcare providers have therefore begun to seek out IGA solutions to strengthen their identity security posture. According to research giant Gartner, “IGA provides a means to manage diverse and variable workforce constituencies, and to protect sensitive data and resources.”

James Litton, CEO and Co-Founder of Identity Automation, said in a statement: “Combining [Identity Automation’s signature solution] RapidIdentity’s automated lifecycle management, federated SSO, governance, privileged access management, and MFA capabilities with HealthCast’s healthcare expertise and best-in-class eSSO solution, enables us to deliver a fully integrated IAM solution that balances usability and security.”

He continued: “We’re excited to provide hospitals, clinics, physician networks, and healthcare providers of all sizes with a fresh, new option to help them address their unique regulatory, identity lifecycle, and integration challenges.”

In a related statement Joan Mehn, President and CEO of HealthCast Inc., said: “Joining forces with Identity Automation is a smart move that aligns with the shift towards solutions that centralize, streamline, and secure access to healthcare records and applications for an increasingly mobile workforce.”

Solutions Review named Identity Automation one of the 32 Best Identity and Access Management Platforms for 2018 earlier this month. We also included the company’s CEO James Litton as one of The 10 Coolest IAM and Identity Security Leaders.

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