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Key Findings: KuppingerCole’s Access Management and Federation Leadership Compass

Key Findings: KuppingerCole’s Access Management and Federation Leadership Compass

Key Findings: KuppingerCole’s Access Management and Federation Leadership Compass

This month, international analyst firm KuppingerCole released the latest iteration of its Leadership Compass report for Access Management and Federation.

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In the 2019 Leadership Compass for Access Management and Federation, analyst Richard Hill and Founder and Principal Analyst Martin Kuppinger evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the 15 products they consider most significant Access Management and Federation.

The KuppingerCole Leadership Compass for Access Management and Federation bases its ratings on “KuppingerCole advisory projects, feedback from customers using the products, product documentation, and a questionnaire sent out before creating the [report].” They also look at Market Segment and Required Capabilities.

The 15 Access Management and Federation vendors listed in the KuppingerCole Leadership Compass include AdNovum, CA Technologies, EmpowerID, Ergon, Evidian, F5 Networks, ForgeRock, IBM, Micro Focus, One Identity, Oracle, Ping Identity, Rohde & Schwarz, Ubisecure, and WSO2.  

The editors of Solutions Review read through the Access Management and Federation Leadership Compass. We pulled a few of what we consider the most important takeaways.

Key Capabilities in Access Management and Federation

KuppingerCole defines Access Management as a “ traditional approach that puts a layer in front of web applications that takes over authentication and…authorization management.”

Meanwhile, Identity Federation “allows splitting authentication and authorization between an IdP (Identity Provider) and a Service Provider (SP) or Relying Party (RP).”

The former can provide support for APIs, whereas the latter bases its communications on protocols. Between the two of them, KuppingerCole identified what they consider required capabilities, including:

  • Multi-tenancy
  • Registration (self-registration, self-maintenance of attributes, etc.)
  • Adaptive Authentication
  • Federation Inbound and Outbound

Above all, Access Management and Federation don’t only provide identity security (although that remains a key component). It also deals with business process facilitation and innovation.

5 Leaders in the Market

KuppingerCole selected 5 vendors as their Overall Leaders: CA Technologies, ForgeRock, IBM, Micro Focus, and Ping Identity. The Leaders present strong product offerings in the category and customer bases, although they do differ in delivery methods and product focuses.

The Overall Leaders segment combines the Product Leadership, Innovation Leadership, and Market Leadership segments.   

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