Managing Complexity in Identity and Access Management – Ponemon Institue

A whitepaper from the Ponemon Institute titled “Managing Complexity in Identity and Access Management” takes an in-depth look at some of the typical challenges IT faces when attempting to manage and maintain access to information for employees, temporary employees, contractors and partner alike. In today’s corporate environment mobile devices and cloud applications make this task even harder.

The whitepaper highlights key findings that contribute to the complexity of implementing and maintaining a strong and structured IAM approach:

  • Changing access rights is a lengthy and burdensome process
  • Strict enforcement of IAM policies is seen as lacking
  • Access rights are difficult to manage
  • Growth of unstructured data is a problem ignored
  • Organization lack visibility into what end-users are doing

Check out the white paper below to better understand what is adding to IAM complexity and how to best address these issues.