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One Identity Updates Privileged Access Management Solution

One Identity has announced a new version of its One Identity Safeguard privileged access management solution. The new solution, called One Identity Safeguard 2.0, includes new features that the company says will enable user flexibility and add redundancy while aiding the security of hybrid infrastructures, including both on-premise and cloud-based applications.

It’s been proven time and time again, privileged accounts – which govern nearly every component of a company’s IT infrastructure – put sensitive data at risk. As companies increasingly need to provide access to privileged and shared accounts, including corporate accounts for social media channels, they face serious damage to their reputations, or worse, if those credentials fall in the wrong hands.

“Since privileged account management solutions have been around for a long time, they tend to be stale and lag behind the technologies transforming enterprises for the better,” said John Milburn, president and general manager of One Identity. “One Identity’s Safeguard, however, is all about actually enabling and capitalizing on new and increasingly popular enterprise approaches that are key to digital transformations underway – like DevOps initiatives, distributed architectures, and the adoption of cloud-based applications – to help drive efficiencies and increase employee productivity in a safe and secure way.”

A second-generation platform for management of privileged and shared accounts, One Identity Safeguard 2.0 is part of a One Identity’s new software portfolio that aims to “get IAM right” for the enterprise. One Identity Safeguard 2.0 features a completely redesigned user interface as well as other new features such as:

  • A cloud-based workflow allowing security admins to securely approve session or password requests from any device.
  • Hardened appliance form factor reduces attack surface while simplifying deployment: Provides full-disk encryption and an embedded operating system, which has removed unneeded components and disabled console access to permit only secure communications, protecting the solution from host and network-
  • Two-factor authentication to ensure increased protection for critical passwords: Safeguard integrates with One Identity’s cloud-based two-factor authentication solution to enable advanced authentication options for access to the password safe. One Identity includes 25 free licenses of their 2FA solution with every Safeguard deployment.
  • New integrations with cloud-based applications: By adding new integrations with popular cloud-based applications, companies can easily apply their privileged account policies to these applications and enhancing security while capitalizing on the efficiencies and cost savings offered by the cloud.
  • Localized language support in eleven languages: Provides an easier experience for non-English administrators.

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