Stolen Identities and Identity Management: Why You Need IAM

Stolen Identities and Identity Management: Why You Need IAM

Your enterprise must consider stolen identities in every cybersecurity decision. In fact, stolen identities could prove the weakest link in protecting your users and your databases. 

How do hackers steal identities? Usually through passwords. According to LastPass, the average employee reuses each of their passwords thirteen times. Moreover, employees at small businesses need an average of 85 passwords. Meanwhile, large enterprise employees may still need to juggle at least 25.  If even one of those passwords ends up on the Dark Web after a breach, then your users may end up vulnerable.


Charles Eagan, Chief Technology Officer, made a statement to SDxCentral which proves incredibly relevant. “Passwords are painful and not that effective…People do things to avoid having to remember passwords, or they take shortcuts.” 

How Multifactor Authentication Prevent Stolen Identities

The problem with passwords can be traced back to overreliance; any single-factor authentication makes hackers’ attacks more efficient. After all, if they only need to bypass one barrier to access, they don’t face a significant imposition to their time and resources. However, the solution to this problem proves equally: multifactor authentication. The more barriers to your identities and databases, the fewer stolen identities your enterprise shall face. 

Multifactor authentication can incorporate time of access request monitoring, geofencing, and biometrics. While multifactor authentication can’t prevent all hackers—eventually a hacker can bypass any security protection—it can certainly deter them. Hackers tend to attack the low-hanging fruit—and an enterprise without better access protections will look fairly low-hanging.  

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Ben Canner