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The 11 Top 2019 Privileged Access Management Platforms

The 11 Top 2019 Privileged Access Management Platforms

The 11 Top 2019 Privileged Access Management Platforms

Who made the list of top 2019 privileged access management platforms? Why do enterprises need next-generation privileged access capabilities in their identity security policies?

Generally, hackers prefer targeting enterprises’ privileged identities and credentials. This shouldn’t surprise anyone; after all, privileged users have far more power in their business networks than regular users. Their permissions can allow access to your business finances, sensitive digital assets, and databases. Additionally, they can manage or reshape network areas or business processes—in the wrong hands, this power alone proves outright destructive.

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As such, according to Centrify, 74% of enterprises suffered a breach after hackers stole or compromised a privileged account. Compounding the issue, many enterprises try to manually manage their privileged accounts, often through spreadsheets. Often, this leads to those critical accounts ending up lost in the network; modern identity proves too complex for manual control.

In fact, Thycotic notes 70% of enterprises fail to discover all of the privileged accounts on their network. Meanwhile, 40% never make an attempt to look for all of their superuser accounts.

For 2019, You Need Privileged Access Management

In this context, a distressing pattern also emerges: enterprises struggle with enforcing their PAM capabilities. Centrify and TechVangelism found that 52% of enterprises don’t use a password vault. Additionally, the same percentage don’t use multifactor authentication, one of the key capabilities of next-gen PAM. It should go without saying, but your enterprise needs these capabilities and a full-fledged identity solution.

Furthermore, without an enterprise-level PAM solution, your enterprise shall struggle with removing unnecessary permissions on your network. Any delay, even a day, in offboarding privileged users creates significant security holes for your enterprise. Moreover, a delay increases the chances of orphaned accounts infiltrating your network. These can prove insidious threats, eluding traditional detection capabilities and providing quiet entryways into the network. As long as there is one orphaned account on your network, you are at risk. 

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The 11 Top 2019 Privileged Access Management Platforms


11 Top 2019 Privileged Access Management Platforms BeyondTrustBeyondTrust offers customizable privileged session management capabilities; it is ideal for companies with many different operating systems in their network. BeyondTrust does support personal identity verification (PIV)-based authentication. Also, it added new automation capabilities appealing to SMBs. BeyondTrust was named a Leader in the Forrester Wave for Privileged Access Management in 2018.

CA Technologies

11 Top 2019 Privileged Access Management Platforms CA TechnologiesCompared to other top 2019 privileged access management platforms, CA Technologies’ PAM services are still quite new to the market. However, they have been working to innovate and expand their product, which accommodates most endpoints and integrates with IGA, SIEM, and Security Analytics solutions. Additionally, CA Technologies offers a global footprint and support infrastructure for hybrid on-premises/cloud environments.


Centrify In 2018, Centrify separated into two separate solutions providers: Centrify for privileged access management and privileged identity management and Idaptive for IDaaS offerings. This allows Centrify to focus exclusively on improving their privilege management capabilities, which has been praised and noted by Gartner, Forrester, and KuppingerCole. Indeed, Centrify has proven to be continual innovators in their password vaulting and forwarding capabilities.


One of the top 2019 privileged access management platforms, CyberArk offers strong capabilities in an intuitive package. Customers praise them for their excellent technical support, their proactive assistance, and their mitigation of privileged account risks. In addition, CyberArk received recognition as a Leader in the 2018 Forrester Wave Report for Privileged Identity Management because of its password vaulting capabilities.


Ekran System can fit your enterprise’s infrastructure and security requirements. All parts are managed via a single web-based control center, enabling easy maintenance and multi-tenant and high-availability deployments. Ekran System deliver powerful activity monitoring and session recording capabilities, allowing supervisors to control security after access is granted. It also integrates well with other SIEM and ticketing systems.


ManageEngine privileged access management platformsThe ManageEngine Password Manager Pro is reportedly easy to install and configure, relieving the burden on enterprise’s IT help desks. Moreover, the solution possesses a strong feature set. ManageEngine works well in hybrid systems, which may be ideal for enterprises undergoing their digital transformation or unable to completely break away from their on-premises environments. The 2018 Forrester Wave report named ManageEngine a Contender.  

One Identity

One Identity One Identity appears to be refocusing on their privileged access management (PAM) capabilities through both internal PAM solutions updates and their January 2018 acquisition of privileged access solution provider Balabit. One Identity’s Privileged Password Manager is ideal for organizations focused on the password management side of privileged access. One Identity is offered in 13 languages and enjoys strong popularity in overseas markets.


SecureAuthSecureAuth received significant recognition as one of the top 2019 privileged access management platforms. As one example, Gartner named SecureAuth to their 2019 Access Management Magic Quadrant for their wide array of access management capabilities, including PAM. Also, they position their multifactor authentication software could represent the end of password authentication, a significant privileged identity claim.    

Simeio Solutions

Simeio Simeio Solutions’ Privileged Identity Management (PIM) automates compliance reporting with integration to existing access governance and multi-factor authentication infrastructure. Also, Simeio offers enterprise PIM technologies with 24/7 monitoring and support, requiring no hardware or capital investments. Further, Simeio can help mitigate serious and rapidly changing security threats while reducing the friction between business processes or employees.


thycotic privileged access management platformsThycotic’s quick privileged access management deployment times and strong identity and basic password management capabilities make it a good solution for those looking for a low-stress password management tool. Additionally, Thycotic is often described as responsive to their customers’ needs and very knowledgeable in their deployment support. Thycotic was named a Leader in Privileged Identity by Forrester Research.

Xton Technologies

Xton Technologies privileged access management platformsWrapping up the list of top 2019 privileged access management platforms, Xton Access Manager deliberately designs their products to be an affordable enterprise-class PAM solution. Enterprises of all sizes seeking out a PAM solution without complex implementation, configuration, and ongoing maintenance demands may want to consider Xton Access Manager.Furthermore, Xton Technologies innovates heavily in the managed services provider marketplace.

Finally, if you want to learn more about the 11 top 2019 privileged access management platforms, be sure to check out our free Buyer’s Guide! We dive into even greater depth about these privileged access management vendors, including their key capabilities! 

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