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The Definitive Identity Management Glossary: Over 60 Terms Defined

Identity and Access Management Buyers Guide

cloudglossaryHere’s something you’ve probably heard before: the firewall-defined boundary that used to confine an organization’s IT assets and users is falling apart amidst an explosion in mobility, data, and cloud applications—identity has emerged as the new perimeter for enterprise information security.

Indeed, Identity Management is one of the hottest, most important areas in information security today, and it’s also one of the fastest going business segments in IT.

But as technology improves, the volume of terminology around it increases—there’s a seemingly endless torrent of new terminology surrounding Identity Management, and the acronyms just keep piling up—IAM, IDM, PIM, PAM, SIEM, RBAC, SSO,—the list goes on and on. Worst of all, if can be difficult to find an explanation that doesn’t reference another half dozen ciphered terms.

Here at Solutions Review, we do our best to provide IT professionals with the top Identity Management news, best practices, and buyer’s guides, and in keeping with that mission, we now bring you a quick and easy way to decipher the growing collection of Identity Management  terminology: The Solutions Review Identity Management Glossary.

From access to termination, Solutions Review’s A to Z Identity Management Glossary has definitions for over 50 of the most popular Identity Management terms and acronyms.

Defined terms include:

Check out the Solutions Review Identity Management Glossary here.

 Solutions Review’s Identity Management Glossary is a living document and will be updated with new terms and updated definitions periodically. If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact us.


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