The Top 8 IGA Vendors to Watch in 2019 by Solutions Review

The Top 8 IGA Vendors to Watch in 2019 by Solutions Review

One of the most critical issues in modern identity and access management is access creep. Ideally, users in your enterprise are granted their initial relevant permissions during the onboarding process. However, without proper role management, their bestowed credentials may already be too privileged for their job functions. Furthermore, users can slowly begin to acquire more permissions as they are put on temporary projects, promoted or moved to different roles within your enterprise, or due to simple assignment errors.

Without access governance through an identity governance and administration (IGA) solution, user credentials will continue to acquire permissions until they become serious security vulnerabilities. They become high-value targets for external hackers and increase the possibility of an insider threat in your enterprise.

Even leaving aside the security issues tied into IGA, it’s still a vital component for fulfilling most industry and governmental compliance mandates; IGA reporting shows that only authorized users can access regulated assets and databases.

But the IGA market comprises an increasingly large section of the cybersecurity market. There are dozens of vendors with unique solutions. How can your enterprise make sense of it?

To help you begin the selection process, Solutions Review presents the Top 8 IGA Vendors to Watch in 2019. Here are our picks, in alphabetical order:      


Of the IGA Vendors to watch in 2019, Avatier was one of the most recognized by technology research firms. They were named in Gartner’s Midmarket Context: “Magic Quadrant for Identity Governance and Administration” report and in the KuppingerCole Leadership Compass for Access Governance & Intelligence as a Leader. With their CEO Nelson Cicchitto acting as a pivotal thought leader throughout 2018, Avatier could steal the show in 2019.  

Fischer Identity

Fischer International Identity marked 2018 with serious innovations in, and recognition of, their identity governance capabilities. They released the 7.0 version of their Identity Governance and Administration solution this year, improving their technology in the market space. Furthermore, they received recognition in the KuppingerCole Leadership Compass for Access Governance & Intelligence—one of the most influential reports on IGA available. 2019 might prove to be another year of major success for Fischer.      

Identity Automation

While every industry and business is in dire need of identity governance healthcare, in particular, has a need for the technology beyond that. Of the IGA Vendors to Watch in 2019, few are as prepared to secure healthcare providers as Identity Automation. A longtime authority in identity security, Identity Automation’s recent acquisition of HealthCast enables them to offer even greater options to both healthcare enterprises and businesses in other industries. After another year of growth and key research, Identity Automation is ready to do it again in 2019.    


What didn’t Omada accomplish in 2018 in the IGA market? They were singled out in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Identity Governance for their high customer satisfaction rates and strong ability to execute; they were also acknowledged in the Gartner Critical Capabilities report. The Forrester Wave reported placed them as a Strong Performer, and the KuppingerCole Leadership Compass named them as a Leader. As with the other IGA Vendors to Watch in 2019, Omada looks ready to grow their substantial reputation and authority in IGA.   

Ping Identity

Ping Identity celebrated 2018 with the wild success of their Identiverse (formerly the Cloud Identity Summit) conference, which they seek to repeat with 2019’s iteration. Much of 2019 was spent conducting data governance research, especially as it concerns the vulnerable healthcare industry. With 2019 poised to present even more governance challenges to healthcare providers and other businesses, Ping Identity is in an excellent position to leap for greater success.    


PlainID, an Israeli authentication, authorization, and policy-based access control solution provider, had their 2018 marked by unique successes. In a Series A funding round, they raised $11 million. On the IGA front specifically, they recently enhanced their solution’s authorization management capabilities. Their leadership has been increasing the PlainID market share and brand awareness by attending key events like the Saviynt Converge and the Gartner Identity and Access Management Summit. 2019 might be the year where PlainID truly explodes in the IGA market.


SailPoint has taken great strides in IGA during 2018. They unveiled a major update to their SaaS identity governance product IdentityNow. In addition, SailPoint was named a Leader in three separate industry reports: the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Identity Governance and Administration, the Forrester Wave on Identity Governance, and the 2018 Leadership Compass for Access Governance & Intelligence by KuppingerCole. Like many of the IGA Vendors to Watch in 2019, SailPoint is poised to achieve even greater things in IGA next year.  


In 2018, Saviynt joined the Leaders Quadrant in the Gartner IGA Magic Quadrant. This proved to be only one of numerous accomplishments Saviynt would achieve this year. They were also named as a Leader in the KuppingerCole 2018 Leadership Compass for Access Governance & Intelligence and in the Forrester Wave: Identity Management and Governance, Q3 2018. Moreover, Saviynt received $40 million in a Series A funding round, which promises to help Saviynt reach even greater IGA technological heights in 2019.

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