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Key Findings: KuppingerCole’s Access Governance & Intelligence Leadership Compass

KuppingerCole Access governance & intelligence leadership compass

KuppingerCole Access governance & intelligence leadership compass

International analyst firm KuppingerCole has released the latest iteration of its Leadership Compass report for Access Governance & Intelligence.

In the 2018 Leadership Compass for Access Governance & Intelligence, KuppingerCole Founder and Principal Analyst Martin Kuppinger and Analyst Anmol Singh evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the 23 products they consider most significant in the access governance & intelligence market. To do so, they provide readers with graphs separating the products into Followers, Challengers, and Leaders. KuppingerCole compares products across four graphed categories: Overall Leaders, Product Leaders, Market Leaders, and Innovation Leaders.

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The ratings in the KuppingerCole Leadership Compass are based on a wide range of input and a long experience in the access governance & intelligence market space. Their research draws from experience from KuppingerCole advisory projects, feedback from customers using the products, product documentation, and a questionnaire sent out before creating the Leadership Compass, as well as other sources.

The 23 products featured in the report are in alphabetical order: Avatier, Beta Systems, Brainwave, CA Technologies, E-Trust, EmpowerID, Evidian, Fischer International Identity, Hitachi ID, IBM, Micro Focus, Nexis, Omada, One Identity, Oracle, Pirean, RSA, SailPoint, SAP, Saviynt, SecureAuth +Core Security, Systancia, and Tools4Ever.

The editors of Solutions Review read through the 72-page Access Governance & Intelligence Leadership Compass and pulled a few of what we consider the most important takeaways.

What is Access Governance & Intelligence?

Before we dive in-depth into the report, it is important to establish what exactly KuppingerCole means by access governance & intelligence.

The analysts define the market as “an IAM focused risk management discipline that facilitates [the] involvement of business in the overall management of access rights across an organization’s IT environment.” The governance aspect manages workflows, access granting and revoking, and reports, while the intelligence aspect refers to the insights to support better access governance decision-making.

According to KuppingerCole, many enterprises are facing issues best solved by a standalone identity governance and administration (IGA) solution. They point out that some of the most serious cybersecurity incidents over the past few years have stemmed from poor identity management.

The report focused on on-premises delivered access governance & intelligence solutions. KuppingerCole also made separate Leadership Compass documents for Identity Provisioning, Access Governance, and Identity Governance and Administration.

A Mature Market with Many Leaders

In their Overall Leadership Segment—where all of the scores across all of the report sections are combined—KuppingerCole found 16 of their 23 chosen access governance & intelligence solution providers fit their Leader Criteria: Avatier, Beta Systems, CA Technologies, EmpowerID, Evidian, Hitachi-ID Systems, IBM, Micro Focus, Omada, One Identity, Oracle, RSA Security, SailPoint, SAP, Saviynt, and SecureAuth + Core Security.

According to KuppingerCole, all of these vendors have established market presences and comprehensive access governance capabilities. Some leaders in particular were mentioned, such as Saviynt, for their consistent execution and the completeness of their offering.

The Challengers—products which have particular strengths or fit best with distinct use-cases—were noted this year to be particularly strong, with Brainwave, E-Trust, Fischer International, and Pirean approaching the Leader segment. Other Challengers such as Tools4Ever were praised for their distinct products and use-cases.

KuppingerCole noted that this competitiveness, as well as the lack of Followers, indicates that the access governance & intelligence market is mature and that solutions in this market are generally capability-rich.     

Innovation Leaders: A Crowded Field

If the Overall Leaders segment seemed packed, the Innovation Leaders Segment—with 19 vendors—seems even more competitive. Even though KuppingerCole says that the maturity of the market can limit full innovation, vendors are continuously working to differentiate themselves from the crowd. Analytics and deep machine learning is driving much of the innovation in access governance & intelligence.

Once again, there were no Followers in this section.

You can download the full KuppingerCole Leadership Compass for Access Governance & Intelligence here. You can also download the Kuppingercole Leadership Compass – IDaaS: Single Sign-On to the Cloud here. 

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