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Why Your Enterprise Needs Modern Identity Governance

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Why Your Enterprise Needs Modern Identity Governance

Why does your enterprise need modern identity governance? It all stems from your employee’s permissions and your ability to monitor them. Above all, it acknowledges that employee permissions are rarely static and you need proper control over your privileges.

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Common Scenarios in Modern Identity Governance

Imagine the onboarding process; it must seem incredibly stressful, even in the abstract. You must sort out the exact role of each new employee and make sure they possess the privileges to match. Delays or miscommunications could result in delays and miscommunications later on in your business processes; in fact, it could even cut into your bottom line.

Now imagine offboarding—you need to ensure their accounts become completely removed from the network. That means no trace of their privileges associated with their identity can persist past their departure date. If an orphaned account with relevant permissions lingers on your network for even a day, it could represent a serious vulnerability. Hackers could use these accounts unchecked, or former employees could end up becoming insider threats with their old permissions. 

Finally, you need to consider temporary permissions. Employees may need to take on temporary projects using databases to which they may not possess normal access. However, without automated removal and full monitoring, these temporary privileges may linger. This leads to access creep, wherein normal accounts become bloated with unnecessary permissions—making them ideal targets.     

How Identity Security Helps   

Let’s take a look at the facts. The average cost of a data breach is now about $3.92 million. Over 80 percent of all breaches involve stolen or weak passwords and identities. According to SailPoint, only 20 percent of enterprises have visibility over all of their users. Identity security matters now more than ever before, and modern identity governance proves particularly crucial. 

Identity governance and administration enacts role management and identity life cycle management; these ensure privilege regulation and secure onboarding and offboarding, respectively. Additionally, your IT security team can use governance to monitor the privileges of each user and remove unnecessary ones. Also, with modern IGA solutions, you can enact better visibility over your users and other identities.

Never forget: identity governance and cybersecurity begins with visibility. You can learn more in our 2019 Identity Governance and Administration Buyer’s Guide.

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