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Xton Technologies Releases Agentless PAM Solution

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New kid on the IAM block,  Xton Technologies,  has announced the release of XT Access Manager (XTAM), a new PAM platform that offers a secure identity vault, privileged session management, recording, and a job/task management engine to automate use of privileged sessions—all via an agentless, cross-platform solution.

With XTAM, the idea is to give customers who need to secure their privileged accounts (and meet compliance requirements) the capability to do so without breaking the bank, with minimal disruption to daily IT functions.

“We are declaring this a new era for Privileged Account Management because we are the first completely agentless PAM platform that combines the features of a traditional enterprise grade PAM solution at a very competitive price point,” said Mark Klinchin, co-founder and chief executive officer of Xton Technologies. “A lot has changed in the security world, but one thing remains the same: compromised or misused privileged accounts are responsible for too many data breaches. We need security solutions that are easy to install and cloud ready. XTAM allows organizations to move Privileged Access to the top of their good security practices checklist and mark it done by making it easy to implement.”

Key features of XTAM include an identity vault, which stores passwords, keys, and certs in an AES-256 encrypted database, session management and recording capabilities, continuous discovery of privileged accounts, job and task management tools (including automated password resets for critical accounts), and a full audit trail of privileged access.

To learn more, check out Xton’s release here, or download the free 60-day trial of XTAM here.


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