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5 MDM Podcasts For Mobile-Centric Enterprises

MDM Market Predicted to Grow to $5.32B By 2021

5 MDM Podcasts For Mobile-Centric Enterprises

Mobile Device Management (MDM) tools are the keys needed to secure your business. With the continuous growth of mobile apps and new malware popping up constantly, MDM is more important than ever before.

Staying up to date on the latest best practices and trends in this space is a never-ending job. Reduce some of that research time by following us and other thought leaders on Twitter, watching our Week in Review series, and checking our site for articles like this one with helpful content, all in one spot.

Here are some podcasts full of information for those in need of the very latest when it comes to MDM:

Beyond MDM & BYOD: Future of Business Mobility & the Digital Workspace

Brian Katz hosts the popular podcast titled Mobilecast and in this specific episode, “Beyond MDM & BYOD: Future of Business Mobility & the Digital Workspace” Sanjay Poonen and John Marshall predict what they think is next for enterprise mobility management (EMM).

Marshall is the co-founder and GM of AirWatch while Poonen is VMware’s End-user Computing GM. Their combined experience allows them to offer a glimpse into the future of this space. 

Listen to the podcast here.

Mobile Device Management Best Practices Explained

This podcast “Mobile Device Management Best Practices Explained” addresses the best ways to utilize your MDM solution, and is focused on MDM in the healthcare industry.

Brian Eastwood, former site editor for, interviews the president of Core Competence Inc., Lisa Phifer. The pair discusses common questions regarding MDM, including ones that center on user permissions, data encryption, risk analysis, security, and more.

Listen here.

Craft a True Digital Strategy

Tech giant Gartner has a series of podcasts called Thinkcasts and in the episode, “Craft a True Digital Strategy” one of the company’s analysts Richard Hunter discusses the best ways to transition to a digital business. He also outlines steps to take to ensure your digital strategy is a success.

Listen here.

Brian Madden podcasts has been around since 2002 and offers a variety of podcasts focusing on MDM and EMM. The site, launched by tech pro Brian Madden, has a page dedicated to podcasts for the MDM beginner or connoisseur.

You can choose from topics including the importance of EMM, highlights of the latest MDM conferences and more.

Listen here.

Out of School

The Out of School podcast has an episode simply titled “Mobile Device Management” that aims to clarify the role of MDM and the importance of deploying a solution.

The episode also claims to provide the information needed to weed through vendors and choose the one that’s the best fit.

Click here to listen to the episode.

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