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7 Reasons Why You Can Take BYOD to the Bank or Financial Institution

7 Best Practices for BYOD in Finance

7 Best Practices for BYOD in FinanceWhen talking with industry experts about delivering data in a BYOD environment there are always two verticals that seem most off-limits: Health care and Finance. But a recent article at by Pakaj Gupta, the Founder and CEO of Amtel presents a compelling case for how it can work best in the banking sector.

According to Mr. Gupta, “banks are deploying mobile devices for employees at the highest rate of any industry, but must address issues like security and cost in managing those devices.” He gives a list of the 7 Best Practices for Employee Mobile Device Rollout.

1. Determine which apps will be allowed and banned.
2. Control app access by location.
3. Establish device locking and user access control policies.
4. Encrypt devices, shared corporate documents and email attachments.
5. Separate business and personal information.
6. Define policies for handling lost or stolen devices.
7. Monitor mobile expenses.

The article provides greater detail along with each point but the conclusion is interesting, “Clearly, given benefits ranging from employee convenience to a better customer-facing experience, increasing mobile adoption for bank employees is inevitable. The watchword to a successful rollout is control. These recommendations are a good starting point for achieving that goal.” states Mr. Gupta.

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