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Attacking and Defending Apple iOS Devices: Tom Eston, SecureState

Deep brief by Tom Eston of SecureState on security around iOS devices around the release of iOS 5 – updated with content from his talk at 2012 SANS Mobile Device Security Summit.

“IT loves to use Apple iPhones and iPads, but hates supporting them. For most environments, they represent the exception, and are not subject to standard corporate controls. The reason the exception is allowed is usually the fact that the CEO bought an iPhone and iPad the day they were released, and then quickly filled them with sensitive corporate data. With their portability and popularity, it is only a matter of time before one of these devices ends up missing. How worried should you be? This presentation will cover the latest real-world attack techniques for compromising Apple’s iOS devices, introduce a new assessment methodology that can be used by penetration testers, and discuss the latest defensive techniques for securely deploying iOS devices within your enterprise.”

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