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Nubo Raises $7M for VMI from Motorola and Magma Venture Partners


Nubo Software has announced that they will receive $7 million from Motorola Solutions Venture Capital and Magma Venture Partners. This money will be used for the further development of their virtual mobile infrastructure (VMI) technology. Nubo is currently one of the six companies that has a VMI solution and the technology is looking promising for the future.

With this financing, Nubo plans to expand its marketing, sales and support services for its remote enterprise workspace solution. With VMI, Nubo allows businesses to deliver corporate and consumer mobile apps as a display from a remote server, ensuring zero data is stored on employee devices.

With mobility constantly becoming more embedded into corporate strategy, Nubo Founder and CEO Israel Lifshitz believes more organizations will look to holistic innovations that enhance the capabilities of mobile end users while ensuring data security and compliance.

“This is a vote of confidence for the disruptive technology that VMI is to enterprise mobility, and it’s great to see it gaining momentum, with more organizations seeing the value and adopting it,” explains Lifshitz. “It also speaks to Nubo’s ability to lead this new era and provide solutions that let businesses capitalize on the strategic benefits of mobility with security and peace of mind.”

VMI technology affords enterprises a higher layer of security that completely separates corporate and personal environments without infringing on employee privacy. Because the corporate environment is controlled in one remote platform, IT can develop and manage just one customized app for any Android, iOS or HTML5-supported device. Enterprises no longer have to spend significant resources securing devices because they can simply be disconnected from access to the remote environment.

“Nubo has created an innovative and technologically differentiated approach that from the ground up is built around the needs of the mobile enterprise of the future,” said Ran Achituv, General Partner of Magma Venture Partners. “We’re proud to partner with a leadership team that possesses that kind of vision and expertise.”

“Today’s public safety agencies and commercial enterprises are using technology to help keep workers out in the field where they are needed, yet also connected to both the home office and each other,” said Paul Steinberg, Motorola Solutions chief technology officer. “Nubo’s innovative solution enhances mobile data access and collaboration by maximizing security and simplifying mobile application management, which ultimately can help create better outcomes for our customers.”

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