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The 3 Major Players in Unified Endpoint Management, 2020

The 3 Major Players in Unified Endpoint Management, 2020

The 3 Major Players in Unified Endpoint Management, 2020

These providers have recently been named major players in Unified Endpoint Management for 2020 by analyst house Gartner, Inc.

Gartner defines unified endpoint management as “a set of offerings comprising mobile device management (MDM) and management of personal computers, via traditional client management tools (CMTs) or modern management, through a single console that also combines the application of data protection, device configuration and usage policies.” Gartner further defines modern UEM tools as providing a user-centric view of devices across device platforms; enabling PC management through native Windows 10, macOS and Chrome OS controls; enabling MDM through native iOS and Android controls; and aggregating analytics and telemetry from users, apps and devices to inform policy and related actions, among other capabilities.

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Thanks to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the UEM market has seen major changes as businesses and vendors weather this storm together. Gartner highlights in their summary of the report that “Drastic change and a global pandemic marked a tumultuous year in the UEM market. The past 12 months magnified legacy CMT limitations and drove I&O leaders to UEM for reduced complexity, location-agnostic device management and analytics to track and improve device performance and user experience.”

The following providers have recently been named leaders in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Unified Endpoint Management. The report, which highlights and scores the top products in the industry, features these three tools as being cornerstones in the space. Each provider’s market share and product portfolios differ, which is what makes them interesting to the wider audience of cloud consumers. Niche and emerging vendors can only hope to replicate the kind of market presence that these providers have earned over a sustained period of time. Here we provide a brief blurb about each and links to product details so you can learn more.

Note: providers are listed in alphabetical order.

IBM MaaS360 is a unified endpoint management platform that provides an artificial intelligence and cloud-based approach to mobility management. By taking advantage of IBM’s Watson technology, IBM MaaS360 delivers AI-driven analytics and security insights on all devices and endpoints managed within the software. The product combines traditional mobility management capabilities with mobile-centric security capabilities like mobile threat defense and application security, ensuring that all a company’s mobile devices are operating securely.

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security is an intelligent mobility management and security platform. The solution combines unified endpoint management with identity and access management, threat protection, information protection, and a cloud access security broker. Microsoft’s enterprise tools and technologies can help IT administrators maintain security across all device types, regardless of whether the devices are corporate or personal assets, and establish security measures that protect their organizations’ systems, data, and networks.

VMware AirWatch Workspace ONE is a mobility management tool that empowers end users with a digital workspace for all mobility needs. AirWatch gives IT admins a mobility platform that provides flexibility to manage multiple use cases, unified endpoint management, end-to-end security from devices to data center, and integration across enterprise systems. The admin console gives visibility into all enrolled corporate-owned, employee-owned, and shared devices, regardless of their platform or device type.

Read the Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant for Unified Endpoint Management.

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