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The Benefits of 5G Networks for Businesses and IT Teams

The Benefits of 5G Networks for Businesses and IT Teams

The Benefits of 5G Networks for Businesses and IT Teams

Solutions Review discusses the benefits of utilizing 5G networks for businesses and IT professionals.

It may be happening slower than people might have expected, but the 5G revolution is coming. Network providers are gearing up to release their 5G deployments to the public, and mobile device manufacturers have put out hardware that will support these networks. 5G networks won’t just be an upgrade for personal devices, however; there are also several benefits of 5G networks for businesses.

5G deployments promise to bring a number of benefits over 4G networks that businesses can take advantage of. Many of these advantages apply to both business and personal use, but some are specifically tailored to improve business mobility solutions. What are the major benefits that 5G networks are poised to deliver for businesses?

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Faster data speeds

The most obvious – and most well-known – benefit that 5G networks provide for businesses is higher data speeds than 4G. While 4G’s maximum theoretical speed topped out at 100 megabits per second, 5G has the potential to reach 10 gigabits per second; this means that 5G could be up to 100 times faster than 4G. Even though the actual speeds of 5G networks will realistically be slow than that, the pure speed that 5G promises will provide a huge boost for companies. The amount of data that enterprises are generating is growing larger every day; with 5G network speeds, transferring huge amounts of data will no longer be a problem.

Higher device capacity and spectrum band

A network can only handle a certain number of devices and data transmissions at once, and 5G networks promise to increase the capacity and spectrum band over 4G deployments. It is estimated that 5G deployments can support up to one million devices per square kilometer, which allows enterprises to support the large number of devices in their infrastructure. Also, the larger spectrum band of 5G permits more simultaneous transmissions since there are more radio wave frequencies to use. Finally, 5G’s spectrum band consists of higher radio frequencies, which means that data transmissions will be much faster than 4G.

High speed remote work

One of the greatest advantages of mobile devices in the business world is that it allows employees to work from essentially anywhere. Because they can take mobile devices anywhere they go, workers can take their work with them even out of the office. With the higher data speeds that 5G deployments promise, remote work can be accomplished at faster rates even when employees aren’t connected to a business network.

Intelligent Internet of Things adoption

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way companies think of data and connectivity. IoT devices generate tons of data that businesses want to analyze, and many businesses are planning to create an entire IoT ecosystem. With the higher data speeds of 5G, enterprises can access that data quicker and accommodate for every device at the IoT edge with increased capacity.

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