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The Essential IoT Management Books for IT Professionals

The Essential IoT Management Books for IT Professionals

The Essential IoT Management Books for IT Professionals

Solutions Review compiles the most essential books on IoT management that any IT administrator needs to add to their reading list.

The device landscape has grown even larger since Internet of Things (IoT) devices have become a staple at many enterprises. Knowing how to properly manage and secure your IoT devices is critical for IT administrators and engineers. Books, whether hardcover or digital, are an excellent source for people looking to learn about a specific field of technology, and IoT management is no exception. We’ve listed the top IoT management books that you should add to your reading list. These books are intended for beginners and experts alike and are written by authors with proficiency and/or recognition in the field of mobility management.

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Analysis and Design of Next-Generation Software Architectures

by Arthur M. Langer

“The analysis and design of the next generation of software architectures must address the new requirements to accommodate the Internet of things (IoT), cybersecurity, blockchain networks, cloud, and quantum computer technologies. As 5G wireless increasingly establishes itself over the next few years, moving legacy applications into these new architectures will be critical for companies to compete in a consumer-driven and social media-based economy. Few organizations, however, understand the challenges and complexities of moving from a central database legacy architecture to a ledger and networked environment.”

Analytics for the Internet of Things (IoT): Intelligent analytics for your intelligent devices

by Andrew Minteer

“We start with the perplexing task of extracting value from huge amounts of barely intelligible data. The data takes a convoluted route just to be on the servers for analysis, but insights can emerge through visualization and statistical modeling techniques. You will learn to extract value from IoT big data using multiple analytic techniques. Next we review how IoT devices generate data and how the information travels over networks.

Build Your Own IoT Platform: Develop a Fully Flexible and Scalable Internet of Things Platform in 24 Hours

by Anand Tamboli

“Discover how every solution in some way related to the IoT needs a platform and how to create that platform. This book is about being agile and reducing time to market without breaking the bank. It is about designing something that you can scale incrementally without having to do a lot of rework and potentially disrupting your current state of the work. So the key questions are: what does it take, how long does it take, and how much does it take to build your own IoT platform?”

Building the Internet of Things: Implement New Business Models, Disrupt Competitors, Transform Your Industry

by Maciej Kranz

“Building Internet of Things provides front-line business decision makers with a practical handbook for capitalizing on this latest transformation. Focusing on the business implications of Internet of Things (IoT), this book describes the sheer impact, spread, and opportunities arising every day, and how business leaders can implement IoT today to realize tangible business advantages. The discussion delves into IoT from a business, strategy and organizational standpoint, and includes use-cases that illustrate the ripple effect that this latest disruption brings.”

Delivering Superior Health and Wellness Management with IoT and Analytics

by Nilmini Wickramasinghe and Freimut Bodendorf

“By systematically evaluating the benefits of mobile, wireless, and sensor-based IoT technologies when used in health and wellness contexts, the book sheds light on the next frontier for healthcare delivery. These technologies generate data with significant potential to enable superior care delivery, self-empowerment, and wellness management. […] Authors identify key areas in health and wellness where IoT can be used, highlighting the benefits, barriers, and facilitators of these technologies as well as suggesting areas for improvement in current policy and regulations.

Demystifying Internet of Things Security: Successful IoT Device/Edge and Platform Security Deployment

by Sunil Cheruvu, Anil Kumar, Ned Smith, and David M. Wheeler

“Break down the misconceptions of the Internet of Things by examining the different security building blocks available in Intel Architecture (IA) based IoT platforms. This open access book reviews the threat pyramid, secure boot, chain of trust, and the SW stack leading up to defense-in-depth. The IoT presents unique challenges in implementing security and Intel has both CPU and Isolated Security Engine capabilities to simplify it. This book explores the challenges to secure these devices to make them immune to different threats originating from within and outside the network.”

Enterprise IoT: Strategies and Best Practices for Connected Products and Services

by Dirk Slama, Frank Puhlmann, Jim Morrish, and Rishi M. Bhatnagar

“Current hype aside, the Internet of Things will ultimately become as fundamental as the Internet itself, with lots of opportunities and trials along the way. To help you navigate these choppy waters, this practical guide introduces a dedicated methodology for businesses preparing to transition towards IoT-based business models. With a set of best practices based on case study analysis, expert interviews, and the authors’ own experience, [the book] delivers actionable guidelines to assist you with IoT strategy management and project execution.”

Hands-On Industrial Internet of Things: Create a powerful Industrial IoT infrastructure using Industry 4.0

by Giacomo Veneri and Antonio Capasso

“Hands-On Industrial Internet of Things takes you through the implementation of industrial processes and specialized control devices and protocols. You’ll study the process of identifying and connecting to different industrial data sources gathered from different sensors. Furthermore, you’ll be able to connect these sensors to cloud network, such as AWS IoT, Azure IoT, Google IoT, and OEM IoT platforms, and extract data from the cloud to your devices.”

Internet of Things: Architectures, Protocols and Standards

by Simone Cirani, Gianluigi Ferrari, Marco Picone, and Luca Veltri

“This book addresses researchers and graduate students at the forefront of study/research on the Internet of Things (IoT) by presenting state-of-the-art research together with the current and future challenges in building new smart applications (e.g., Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, and Industrial IoT) in an efficient, scalable, and sustainable way. It covers the main pillars of the IoT world (Connectivity, Interoperability, Discoverability, and Security/Privacy), providing a comprehensive look at the current technologies, procedures, and architectures.”

Internet of Things for Architects

by Perry Lea

“The Internet of Things (IoT) is the fastest growing technology market. Industries are embracing IoT technologies to improve operational expenses, product life, and people’s well-being. An architectural guide is necessary if you want to traverse the spectrum of technologies needed to build a successful IoT system, whether that’s a single device or millions of devices.”

Internet of Things (IoT): Legal Issues, Policy, and Practical Strategies

by Cynthia H. Cwik, Christopher A. Suarez, and Lucy L. Thompson

“The Internet of Things (IoT): Legal Issues, Policy, and Practical Strategies addresses the use of IoT technology in cars, health tech, and drones; IoT and technological developments such as 5G and blockchain; current state of laws and regulations relating to the IoT both in the U.S. and globally; risks, including security and privacy issues; how state attorneys general protect consumers in the IoT era; the impact of the IoT on intellectual property and insurance; guidelines for employers, including corporate counsel, regarding the IoT in the workplace; and the future of the IoT.”

IoT Fundamentals: Networking Technologies, Protocols, and Use Cases for the Internet of Things

by David Hanes

“Today, billions of devices are Internet-connected, IoT standards and protocols are stabilizing, and technical professionals must increasingly solve real problems with IoT technologies. Now, five leading Cisco IoT experts present the first comprehensive, practical reference for making IoT work. IoT Fundamentals brings together knowledge previously available only in white papers, standards documents, and other hard-to-find sources—or nowhere at all.”

The IoT Hacker’s Handbook: A Practical Guide to Hacking the Internet of Things

by Aditya Gupta

“Take a practioner’s approach in analyzing the Internet of Things (IoT) devices and the security issues facing an IoT architecture. You’ll review the architecture’s central components, from hardware communication interfaces, such as UARTand SPI, to radio protocols, such as BLE or ZigBee. You’ll also learn to assess a device physically by opening it, looking at the PCB, and identifying the chipsets and interfaces. You’ll then use that information to gain entry to the device or to perform other actions, such as dumping encryption keys and firmware.”

IoT Inc: How Your Company Can Use the Internet of Things to Win in the Outcome Economy

by Bruce Sinclair

“The Internet of Things (IoT) is the point of connection between products and the results they deliver―it’s where products become software. IoT Inc. explains everything you need to know to position your company within this powerful new network. And once you do, you’ll leave the competition in the dust. Founder and president of today’s leading IoT business consulting firm, Bruce Sinclair has been helping companies develop IoT strategies for a decade―far longer than the term has even existed.”

IoT Solutions in Microsoft’s Azure IoT Suite

by Scott Klein

“IoT Solutions in Microsoft’s Azure IoT Suite walks you through a complete, end-to-end journey of how to collect and store data from Internet-connected devices. You’ll learn to analyze the data and to apply your results to solving real-world problems. Your customers will benefit from the increasingly capable and reliable applications that you’ll be able to deploy to them. You and your business will benefit from the gains in insight and knowledge that can be applied to delight your customers and increase the value from their business.”

Mastering IoT: Build modern IoT solutions that secure and monitor your IoT infrastructure

by Colin Dow and Perry Lea

“The Internet of Things (IoT) is the fastest growing technology market. Industries are embracing IoT technologies to improve operational expenses, product life, and people’s well-being. We’ll begin our journey with an introduction to Raspberry Pi and quickly jump right into Python programming. We’ll learn all concepts through multiple projects, and then reinforce our learnings by creating an IoT robot car.”

Precision: Principles, Practices and Solutions for the Internet of Things

by Timothy Chou

“The first part – Precision: Principles and Practices – introduces a vendor-neutral, acronym-free framework. Dr. Chou then discusses the framework’s fundamental principles and these principles put into practice. The second part – Precision: Solutions – puts Dr. Chou’s IoT framework into practice highlighting 14 real world solutions for manufacturers who are building precision machines and companies utilizing these machines to receive precision enhanced business outcomes.”

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