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Why You Need End to End Visibility of Your Network

network end to end visibility

Network monitoring tools monitor the entirety of an enterprise network to find outages and other issues. They can also track normal user behavior to quickly recognize a DDoS attack or other unusual behavior. Data collection and analytics make this possible.

The key purpose of network monitoring is to improve the experience for your employees, customers, and users. Knowing everything about your network allows IT teams to understand what users are dealing with, how to fix problems quickly, and it allows them to create detailed plans to improve network performance.

A major selling point for network performance monitoring solutions is the real-time data collection. Without the right network analysis, fixing downtime and performance issues can be an arduous task. Having automated network analytics tracking software allows your team to know what problems are arising, how to fix them, and how to build the best possible network for your company’s needs.

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Network End to End Visibility

Network monitoring tools bring immediate solutions to enterprise networks. Teams will be able to use root-cause analysis to eliminate issues faster than before. Having automated root cause analysis makes network monitoring a much faster process. Instead of looking for a problem, you’re told exactly what the problem is and where it started. Eliminating problems that affect users as they arise should be the priority in network monitoring. Without this tool, a spike or downtime will take time away from your entire team. The “war room” will be a thing of the past regarding network monitoring.

The most effective method to improve a network environment is to understand it. The solutions point out consistent problems and who those problems impact. There is end-to-end visibility of the network. Network professionals will recognize if a problem starts with one end-user, or if its further down the pipeline. All this information is collected and tracked over time.

How You can Utilize it

Network monitoring solutions will give you information about an outage, but it’s usually up to your network team to take care of it. Having detailed knowledge of common issues allows teams to create logical strategies for complications that arise in the future.

Along with having a research-based strategy, teams will also be able to work on preventing issues from occurring in the future. Network monitoring shouldn’t be a reactionary field, instead, it should work towards preventing issues from happening in the first place. Spending time on prevention and innovation should be the priority, network monitoring tools allow teams to dedicate time to these important features.

Tracking network trends allow your team to make decisions in an informed and data-driven way. A detailed history of analytics creates more knowledge-based decisions. So, the best way to improve any network environment is knowing where consistent problems exist and who these problems impact. In addition, network related technological advancements will be easier than ever to implement. For example, automation is becoming a major component of network monitoring and knowing exactly what to automate starts with a detailed understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of a network.

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