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Network Monitoring Predictions for 2019 with Paessler

Network Monitoring Predictions Paessler

Enterprise computing advancements typically come with excitement, but they put a strain on networks. For example, IoT devices and BYOD cultures continue to put a strain on connectivity. In fact, Gartner predicts IoT security spending will skyrocket by 2021. Some have also predicted IoT will be a multi-trillion dollar industry by 2020. These devices create a confusing and often unpredictable network environment without the right approach.

Network monitoring solution provider, Paessler, believes that 2019 will mark the beginning of a smarter IoT. Specifically, they expect fully connected businesses will pull data for more predictive use and act on it. We spoke with Paessler’s Senior Manager of New Technologies and Markets, Christian Zeh.

“Look for an inevitable connection/association between Smart Cities and smart grid technology and applications in 2019. Given this, security and monitoring challenges will be significant.”

Smart Cities

The push to implement Smart City applications and services will intensify in 2019. As critical services and applications are enabled via connected devices, there will be a growing need for solutions that can monitor the networks Smart City apps run on. System integrators should be prepared for possible mandates from municipal or perhaps even federal authorities that Smart City networks be constantly monitored once they begin carrying critical information and services.

Connected Things 

Businesses and people are monitoring more and more ‘Things’ today – with increased connectivity and sensors, comes increased data points. Organizations must be able to access and visualize the mass amounts of data being processed. The presentation and interpretation of that data will help them get ahead in the future.
o Massive amounts of data moving on IoT networks and changing infrastructure means that IT Teams will require a service-oriented view of that data, how it is moving across their networks, and how it’s being used.

Integrated Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence will move past the hype cycle in 2019. It is already being used for advanced sales and marketing applications and services, and in 2019, IT professionals will need to consider the coming impact of AI on their network monitoring and management efforts.

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