Reducing the Cost of Mobile Enterprise Apps

Dr. Tim King 5AppBuying mobile enterprise apps can cost an arm and a leg if you’re not careful. To help you keep the cost down, Dr. Tim King of 5app has released expert guidance to CTOs at companies looking to on board mobile enterprise apps in order to help them reduce the potential for staggering development fees.

Dr. King explains: “Whilst there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to developing an enterprise app, there are four key areas that impact directly on the cost of developing a robust and reliable multi-platform app. By being made aware of potential cost-saving processes, CTOs can avoid unnecessary expenditure, especially when it comes to deploying across multiple mobile platforms and operating systems.”

For CTOs looking to exploit the enterprise app development market and invest in the rapid development of an app, four key areas to carefully consider are:

  1. Determine your target devices right at the start, covering both OS and screen resolutions. Don’t start on iPhone and then work round to the others as costs can double or triple.
  2. Consider a single source in HTML, CSS and Javascript and use a framework that supports this.
  3. Consider the communication requirements. For example. Ajax doesn’t work well with mobile data connections because they are unreliable.
  4. Ensure that your chosen framework provides high-quality debugging to get the job done faster.

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