State of SIEM

From AT&T Cybersecurity

The Security and Information Event Management (SIEM) market is undergoing transformation, fueled by continuously evolving IT infrastructure: cloud computing, mobility, virtualization, and other business drivers.

Traditional SIEMs no longer meet the growing needs of security pros who face new and emerging threats. So what does the future of SIEM technology look like?

This white paper discusses capabilities that markedly distinguish the SIEM of today from previous iterations. Then it goes beyond SIEM as the industry understands it today, and discusses what should be the natural next evolutionary step of the SIEM market. Insights include:

  • Essential capabilities of SIEM for today and tomorrow, including which orchestration, automation, analytics, and response capabilities to seek out
  • Integration with other security tools can extend investigation capabilities, incident response, reporting, and more
  • The importance of automatic, continuous threat intelligence updates to help you more quickly respond to threats
  • How a Unified Security Management® (USM™) platform goes beyond simply collecting, correlating, and analyzing log data to serving as a central console from which teams can coordinate an integrated cyber defense posture
  • Questions buyers should consider asking of their SIEM contenders

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