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CorreLog Releases dbDefender, a Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) Agent

CorrelogscreenshotCorreLog, a provider of security event correlation solutions, has announced the release of dbDefender DAM Agent for z/OS, its new DAM product for IBM DB2. The product was unveiled at the 2016 IDUG North American Tech Conference in Austin, Texas.

dbDefender provides DB2 monitoring and security alerts for mainframe event log correlation in CorreLog DAM Visualizer for z/OS, CorreLog SIEM Correlation Server for Windows/UNIX, or any name-brand distributed Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) product to give security administrators auditing capability and real-time visibility for all users attempting to view, access, or alter the secure state of DB2.

Intel/McAfee has been using the CorreLog DAM as their mainframe DAM solution since 2014, and dbDefender DAM Agent is the standalone version of that product.

“Few software vendors offer DAM solutions for z/OS, and this lack of competition has created a lag in mainframe security innovation,” said George Faucher, president and CEO at CorreLog. “dbDefender is a viable alternative to IBM (Security) Guardium, and evaluators of Guardium owe it to themselves to evaluate this simple-to-install and cost-effective product” Faucher added. “Too many CISOs don’t have the awareness of who’s accessing their DB2® data in real time, and this is going to cause them a lot of problems down the road. There is now an alternative offering on the market to help combat this problem.”

Capabilities provided by CorreLog dbDefender DAM Agent for DB2 include:

  • Privileged user monitoring
  • Auditing invalid logical access attempts, changes, inserts, transactions, and table activity
  • Auditing of system-level objects
  • Additional auditing of DB2® utilities, DDL statements, DB2® console commands, DB2® object access, and other user activity linked to DB2®
  • Detailed monitoring down to SQL statements

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