Cyberthreat Management Using Behavioral Analytics and Machine Learning With Seceon

Cyberthreat Management Using Behavioral Analytics and Machine Learning With Seceon

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In a recent video interview, Solutions Review Founder and CEO Doug Atkinson sat down with Chandra Pandey, Founder and CEO of Seceon. Seceon is an advanced threat management platform provider based out of Westford, Massachusetts.

In their interview, Mr. Atkinson and Mr. Pandey discuss behavioral analytics and machine learning regarding cyber-threat detection. Mr. Pandey details the different attack tactics at hackers’ disposal, including perimeter breach, credential falsification, and business disruption via ransomware or DDoS.

Mr. Pandey also explains how modern enterprises may have as many as 30 data silos in their network. Often, these silos have minimum perimeter security protecting them—leaving plenty of gaps open for hackers. These silos create so much noise that security teams may ignore warning signs of a breach.

Therefore, Mr. Pandey argues for the necessity of visibility, detection, and containment/elimination capabilities in modern cybersecurity and security analytics platforms. True security requires pulling data from all endpoints, applications, and network locations. Security analytics needs to have a broad and contextual view to gain a richer understanding of security risks, users, and events.      

Want more? You can watch the full conversation between Doug Atkinson and Chandra Pandey of Seceon below.

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