6 Common SIEM Frustrations


From Cysiv

The fast-changing threat landscape is constantly testing security operations teams’ ability to stay ahead of bad actors. Despite advancements in security solutions, 63% of industry professionals say security operations are harder compared to two years ago.

The top three reasons they cite are the rapid evolution of the threat environment, the greater volume of collected and processed security data, and the increased volume of security alerts. When security information and event management (SIEM) technology entered the market more than 15 years ago, it promised to solve these types of challenges.

By collecting, aggregating and analyzing data from multiple sources, SIEM was intended to provide meaningful insights for security operations center (SOC) analysts. Some even considered the technology revolutionary. But this tool has not withstood the test of time, and for many teams, the frustrations associated with legacy SIEM solutions far outweigh their benefits. SOC-as-a-service (SOCaaS), which combines a next-gen SIEM with a team of experts to provide 24/7 threat detection and response, is a compelling alternative for SOC teams encumbered by SIEM’s limitations. This white paper examines the most common SIEM frustrations that enterprises face, and how emerging SOCaaS addresses them.


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