How to Find Bad Things on Your Network Using Free and Open-Source Tools

Want to get started on a hunt team and discover the bad things on your network, without spending big money?

In this webcast for the threat hunter on a budget. LogRhythm Security Expert Rob McGovern, and John Strand, of Security Weekly and SANS, showcase the free and open-source tools Real Intelligence Threat Analytics (RITA) and LogRhythm NetMon Freemium. Utilizing the tools, the duo teaches you how to collect and analyze network traffic for hunt teaming analysis.

John kicks off the episode by walking through the installation and usage of Real Intelligence Threat Analytics (RITA). Towards the second half of the episode, Rob demonstrates powerful use cases to achieve full enterprise visibility and quickly identify emerging threats in your IT environment.

Watch now to learn how to enhance your security operations with free or open-source tools.

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