Forrester Wave for SIEM

From LogRhythm

In Forrester’s 30-criteria evaluation of security analytics platforms providers, we identified the 13 most significant ones — AlienVault, Exabeam, Fortinet, Gurucul, Huntsman Security, IBM, LogRhythm, McAfee, Micro Focus, Rapid7, RSA, Securonix, and Splunk — and researched, analyzed, and scored them. This report shows how each provider measures up and helps S&R professionals make the right choice.

Key Takeaways

LogRhythm, IBM, Splunk, And RSA Lead The Pack

Forrester’s research uncovered a market in which LogRhythm, IBM, Splunk, and RSA are Leaders; Securonix, Exabeam, McAfee, Gurucul, Huntsman Security, and Micro Focus are Strong Performers; Fortinet and Rapid7 are Contenders; and AlienVault is a Challenger.

S&R Pros Are Looking To Make SA Platforms The Centerpiece Of Their Operations

The security analytics platform market is growing because more S&R professionals see these platforms as a way to address their top cybersecurity challenges. This market growth is in large part due to security teams using security analytics platforms as the centerpiece of their security operations.

Customization, Integrations, And Data Security Are Key Differentiators

As legacy security information management (SIM) technology becomes outdated and less effective, improved customization and flexibility will dictate which providers will lead the pack. Vendors that can provide customization, integrations, and data security position themselves to successfully deliver flexibility, increased coverage, and data protection to their customers.


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