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The 16 Most Innovative New Security Technologies of 2016

sinet-innovators-coverThe Security Innovation Network (SINET) has announced the winners of its seventh annual SINET 16 competition, a competition formed to find the most innovative emerging cybersecurity companies and technologies.

Winning companies were selected from a pool of 82 applicants and nine different countries, including Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, Norway, Singapore, Sweden and the United Kingdom. SINET’s competition requires that competitors are autonomous (not part of a larger entity), with revenues under $15 million USD a year. Entrants may not have been selected as a SINET 16 Innovator more than once previously.

Entries were evaluated in a two-stage process by the SINET Showcase Steering Committee, which was comprised of 100 Cybersecurity professionals, including chief security information officers, experts in government intelligence and defense agencies and venture capital firms specializing in security.

“With the dramatic increase in attacks, we must be relentless in identifying and supporting innovative solutions. The SINET Showcase provides an excellent opportunity to highlight advanced technologies in order to stay ahead of our global adversaries,” says Robert Rodriguez, Chairman and Founder of SINET. “This year’s SINET 16 process was our most competitive yet, with many of the winners scoring just hundredths of a point ahead of other candidates.”

Selected companies will share their work with buyers, builders, investors and researchers during the SINET Showcase on Nov. 2 – 3, 2016 at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

Below are the companies selected as 2016 SINET 16 Innovators, as listed by SINET:

BlackRidge Technology: BlackRidge provides an identity-based network and cyber security solution that authenticates identity and applies policy on the first packet of network sessions. This provides a new level of real-time protection that cloaks and protects servers, segments networks, and provides identity attribution.

Contrast Security, Inc: Contrast Security provides continuous protection of enterprise applications and services against both vulnerabilities and attacks. Contrast uses “deep security instrumentation” for unprecedented speed, accuracy, coverage, & scalability without experts or SLC changes. Think “New Relic for Security.”

CyberX: CyberX secures the Industrial Internet, providing real-time detection and deep insight into control systems’ vulnerabilities while ensuring business and operational continuity. With field-proven technology and accredited research, CyberX protects dozens of major industrial sites worldwide.

DataVisor: DataVisor is the only online fraud detection service utilizing unsupervised big data analytics to identify attack campaigns before they conduct any damage to consumer-facing online services.

Digital Shadows: Digital Shadows provides cyber situational awareness, through our SearchLight platform, which provides truly relevant, contextual intelligence and protects organizations against cyber attacks, loss of intellectual property, and loss of brand integrity by providing them an “attacker’s eye view.”

Interset: Interset provides an intelligent, accurate threat-detection solution. Interset detects threats through machine learning and advanced analytics running on a big-data platform, either on premise or in the cloud.

Menlo Security: Menlo Security protects organizations from cyber attacks by eliminating the threat of malware from Web and email with its patented Isolation Platform that easily scales for any size organization and requires no end point software, making it simple and cost effective to deploy.

Ntrepid Corporation (Passages): Passages provides a secure virtual browser that protects enterprises from all web-based attacks. By isolating browsing activity from the local computer and network, users can access any website and follow any link without the risk of infecting their machines or company infrastructure.

Phantom Cyber Corp.: Phantom is a security automation & orchestration platform that integrates existing security products to provide a layer of “connective tissue” between them. Phantom executes digital playbooks to achieve in seconds what may take hours to accomplish with the horde of products enterprises use daily.

Post-Quantum: Post-Quantum is a science-driven UK company with a mission to protect the world’s data by deploying secure and innovative authentication, communications, encryption and access technologies. Our modules are ready for use today, but will remain strong in the future, even with quantum computer threats.

Elastic/Prelert: Prelert provides behavioral analytics for IT security, IT operations and business operations teams. It analyzes massive amounts of log data, finds anomalies, links them together and lets the data tell the story behind advanced security threats, IT performance issues and business disruptions.

ProtectWise: ProtectWise™ is disrupting the security industry with its network security platform, that captures high fidelity network traffic, creates a lasting memory for the network, and delivers real time and retrospective alerting and analysis in a rich, innovative visualizer.

RiskSense: RiskSense is the leader in cyber risk management. We enable organizations to reveal cyber risk, quickly orchestrate remediation, and monitor the results. This is done by contextualizing internal security intelligence, external threat data, and business criticality across a growing attack surface.

SafeBreach: SafeBreach is a pioneer in continuous security validation. Our groundbreaking platform simulates breach methods with an extensive and growing Hacker’s Playbook™ of research and real-world investigative data to provide a “hacker’s view” of an enterprise’s security posture.

ThreatQuotient Inc: ThreatQuotient provides ThreatQ, a threat intelligence platform that centrally correlates unlimited external sources with internal security solutions for contextual, operationalized intelligence in one easy to comprehend view to help customers tailor indicators of compromise to their industry.

Vera: Vera is an enterprise data security and information rights management company that allows IT to secure, track and audit any type of digital information. With Vera, security and policy travels with the data, so enterprises can maintain visibility and control over who can access sensitive information.

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