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Webinar: A SIEM & Security Monitoring Buying Guide

Compliance Driven SIEM decisions are growing at a rapid pace while the failure rate of SIEM execution is at an epidemic level.  In this 41-minute on-demand webinar, experts from RKON will review the 5 key factors for success including common mistakes and pitfalls.

A strategic look at a proven decision model for executing a successful SIEM deployment.  RKON covers a detailed analysis across 5 key factors including expert recommendations.

Buying Guide: 5 Key Factors You Should Be Aware Of
1.    Product Selection criteria and recommendations from 3 expert viewpoints
2.    Successful Staffing model necessary to support a buy and build deployment model
3.    Skill sets requirements
4.    Deployment methodology and timeline management
5.    Insourcing vs. Outsourcing decision tree

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