From SOA to WOA with Convertigo Mobilizer MEAP

Convertigo Mobilizer  SOA Application Development PlatformWith Mobility spreading rapidly across the globe, it has become an imperative for businesses to offer customers and partners access through their mobile devices. This state of affairs presents a challenge to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), as this software architecture can only rise to the challenge with costs and delays that are unacceptable, according to Convertigo, the company behind the Convertigo Mobilizer Enterprise Mobility solution.

The best answer to the challenge of increasing mobility, according to Convertigo, is to adopt Web Oriented Architecture, or WOA, for your development process. WOA protocols are:

much easier to use by web based developers, require less CPU and bandwidth and are largely promoted by internet stars such as Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Youtube and others. In the Internet web world, each time an application offers services to others it is in majority based on WOA standards. Also, in the mobile space, a majority of mobile applications exchange data with servers using JSON/REST protocols. As explained before, they consume much less CPU and bandwidth than SOAP web services, interesting feature when used over 3G networks.

The result is that WOAs are “more flexible and agile than pure SOA and used more and more for enterprise to mobile, enterprise to web and enterprise to partner exchanges.”

How can enterprises switch over to WOA when so many have already gone with SOA for years? Enter Convertigo Mobilizer, which can connect with an SOA set up and enable selected features to be accessed from outside as WOA based protocols. This allows easy and secure access by mobile devices and through ePortals for your customers and partners. Convertigo can also create new WOA services based on your existing SOA or even non-SOA apps much more quickly compared to the traditional development process.

For more on the SOA to WOA challenge and how Convertigo can help, follow this link.