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Talend Announces Top Five Technology Predictions for 2014

2014 Big Data Perfect Storm

2014 Big Data Perfect StormTalend recently announced their top five technology predictions for 2014.  Executives from the global big data integration software leader expect that in 2014 big data initiatives will rapidly expand.

“Everyone speaks about the value of big data, but data-driven organizations have got so much more potential to uncover.  To succeed in 2014, these organizations will need to leverage big data and the cloud to derive insights that enable them to optimize their processes, take advantage of emerging opportunities, and deliver better business outcomes,” says Mike Tuchen, CEO of Talend.

Here are this year’s top technology predictions from Talend:

1. “The Big Data and Cloud Relationship Becomes More Intricate: The primary contribution of cloud computing to big data will soon reside in the cloud being a source of big data, whether it be public and social data, open data or syndicated data.”

2. “Hadoop Graduates to Platform Status: With new advancements made in 2013 such as YARN, Hadoop has become a true enterprise computing platform, able to run all kinds of concurrent workloads, ranging in latency from batch to real-time.”

3. “Cloud Renders the Data Center Hybrid: Enterprises have adopted cloud computing, but cloud deployments remain very siloed and these systems running in the cloud don’t always work well with on-premises systems.”

4. “Big Data Moves Toward Operational: In 2014, big data will start to be used for operational purposes and will ultimately be consumed by many applications, apps and devices.”

5. “Companies Become Data Companies: In 2014, taking a step beyond IT, many companies will use data to profoundly transform their business and will either outright monetize their data assets, or exploit them to create new business models or take advantage of untapped segments.”

To read the entire Talend press release about technology predictions for 2014, click here:

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