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Atlassian Introduces New Cloud-Based App Development Platform

Atlassian Introduces New Cloud-Based App Development Platform

Atlassian Introduces New Cloud-Based App Development Platform

Atlassian has recently announced its new cloud-based app development platform known as Forge. This platform allows developers to more easily build and run enterprise cloud applications that integrate with other Atlassian products. The vendor’s intent is to make it easier for all developers to create apps, with a key element of Forge being that it was built on AWS’ Lambda serverless function-as-a-service (FaaS) platform. This allows developers to focus on creating high quality applications, without worrying about common pain points such as authentication, identity, and scaling.

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“I see Atlassian Forge as the next step in Atlassian’s journey to create a complete cloud development platform that now incorporates FaaS,” says Chris Condo, Principal Analyst at Forrester. “I like the fact that using Forge, FaaS developers have a UI authoring tool, a place to test, and a pipeline for releasing their functions, something they might not have had previously. So I think it’s a great move.”

The Atlassian team wanted to give developers the tools to create a truly approachable and enjoyable user experience, instead of having developers deal with the complexity of orchestrating an app’s infrastructure, and other developmental hurdles. The Forge UI allows developers to create and customize apps in much shorter periods of time. Forge is a declarative language and builds on previous Atlassian technology, allowing developers to create a consistent user experience across various products and platforms.

Another big part of Forge is the Forge CLI, a command line interface tool that simplifies the process of making apps. It includes features like built-in onboarding, intuitive commands, and a set of accessible templates that helps new developers get started with Forge. Combined with the benefits of the cloud, Forge is shaping up to be a powerful new tool.

Atlassian has launched Forge in a closed beta, so that any kinks or problems can be worked out. Interested parties can get in contact with Atlassian to join the closed beta.

Anna Birna Turner

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