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Glide Unveils Groundbreaking AI-Powered Features to Revolutionize No-Code Software Development

In a bid to revolutionize the world of no-code app development, Glide, the leading platform empowering users to build custom software without coding expertise, has unveiled groundbreaking AI-powered features that promise to transform the way software is created and utilized.

Emphasizing their commitment to empowering creators, Glide’s latest venture focuses on leveraging the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to bridge the gap between unstructured problem descriptions and fully structured app features. 

With AI at the helm, Glide is determined to make software development more accessible, efficient, and user-friendly than ever before.

The first approach, labeled “developer-focused AI,” is centered around simplifying software creation. Glide is crafting an AI-assisted app builder to streamline the process significantly. 

While progress is promising, the company is taking a diligent approach to address potential challenges before releasing this groundbreaking feature to their esteemed user community.

Meanwhile, Glide is equally invested in “user-focused AI,” a concept where they empower app creators with AI capabilities tailored to their specific needs and use cases. By giving users the reins of AI, Glide envisions a landscape of highly-specialized AI apps catering to diverse problems and reaching a wider audience.

To deliver on these ambitions, Glide is introducing “AI formulas” natively within their platform, a set of cutting-edge functionalities that include image-to-text and audio-to-text transformations, along with answering queries about private business data. 

Glide’s OpenAI integration has received positive feedback from satisfied customers, underlining the immense value AI brings to their apps.

In practice, Glide has witnessed the real-world impact of AI in action. For instance, Marco Volpato leveraged Glide to create an AI-powered inventory management app for his wholesale wine business. This innovation streamlined operations and empowered employees with AI-generated wine descriptions to enhance customer recommendations.

Similarly, Glide Expert Robert Petitto designed an ingenious IT helpdesk companion app, granting employees the ability to troubleshoot tech issues independently, resulting in significant time and resource savings for IT teams.

With the belief that apps with familiar interfaces remain the optimal choice for business users to interact with AI, Glide emphasizes their stance against a chat-only approach. Glide users have already embraced AI functionalities, with numerous apps integrating text summarization and data-based question answering through their OpenAI integration.

Looking forward, Glide is fully committed to simplifying AI adoption for their users. They are preparing to introduce a built-in Glide AI feature that requires no OpenAI account, accompanied by a suite of workshops, tutorials, and an inclusive community for ongoing support.

To enable users to experience the potential of AI firsthand, Glide offers an AI-powered app designer. By simply providing their business name and describing the problem they want to address, users are treated to five app ideas complete with suggested features, time and cost estimates, and the convenience of exporting ideas as professional-looking PDFs.

Glide’s dedication to redefining no-code software development with the prowess of AI is set to leave a lasting impact. As they continue to unveil their AI-driven innovations, the future of app creation promises to be more accessible, efficient, and rewarding than ever before. 

Stay tuned as Glide casts its magic and leads the way to a world of empowered creators and revolutionary software.

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