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Best AR Tools to Use In 2017

Best AR Tools to User In 2017

Best AR Tools to Use In 2017

Gopal Iyer of hedgehog lab has put together a neat list of the best AR tools for those looking to explore the latest frontier in app development. But first a little background on AR: it’s a market currently valued at $2.39 billion and is estimated to reach $61.39 billion by 2023.

AR isn’t particularly new, it’s origins can be traced back some 35 years ago to the father of computer graphics, Ivan Sutherland. During his tenure at the University of Utah, Ivan and one of his students Bob Sproull created the Sword of Damocles, the first VR application of its kind. The quest for creating the optimal virtual reality experience has been alive and well ever since. Augmented Reality is a slightly modified idea of VR where the main difference lies in the implementations of 3D graphics. VR is meant to completely immerse the user in another world, whereas AR is meant to augment a users world by overlaying digital objects that can be interacted with.

The future of VR/AR is full of potential, from gaming all the way to enterprise level applications that improve upon workflows. Take for example a car designer who can prototype his rendering in 3D space and make fine adjustments to the body of the car. Or even consider a large company using AR/VR for immersive training purposes. The possibilities are vast and it will be exciting to see what new ideas stem from such a powerful technology.

All things considered, we are entering a new age of connectivity and interaction. AR and VR are at the very front of this shift. With that being said, below is a short list of the best AR tools to use in 2017. If you are interested in reading more about them, you can check out Gopal’s article for more information. Otherwise, don’t be afraid to visit each option to learn more.

1. Daqri-ARToolkit
2. Vuforia
3. Wikitude
4. ARKit
5. ARCore

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