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Hiring Full-Time vs. Freelance Developers

Companies looking to develop applications have a couple of options when it comes to sourcing talent. In most cases, the size of the company will determine whether they invest the time and resources into hiring a team of developers or whether they hire freelancers to just get it done. Both ways are valid solutions however when we are looking at certain factors such as project scope and scale, freelance developers will find themselves being left behind as projects become more complex.

So how should your company go about building your application?

Full-time is for the enterprise

From a cost standpoint, it’s easy to see that going through the process of hiring a developer to work full-time is expensive. Payscale estimates the average salary for a developer with 5 years of experience to be around $112,000. Multiply that to make a team of developers and you are already investing more what might be needed. The only types of companies that truly benefit from building strong development teams from scratch are technology companies and big industries that thrive on constant innovation.

So what if you are a mid-sized company? Or a larger enterprise with no technological background? What is the best way to build your application?

Enter the world of freelancing. But wait, it isn’t necessarily smooth sailing from here.

Freelancing is for the small things

What does small mean exactly, you might ask.

Projects come in all shapes in sizes however if your application is just a simple standalone app that doesn’t require any serious integrations with other aspects of your company then a freelancer might be your best bet.

How much does hiring a freelancer cost? Codementor’s article on the costs of hiring developers states that hiring one in North America costs in the range of $50 to $250, with cheaper alternatives in Eastern Europe and India.

The benefits of hiring a freelance developer are fairly obvious. They are short-term hires that are only get paid for the project and then part ways after. With freelancers, companies don’t have to worried about other factors like company-paid benefits and indirect costs, both of which drive the cost of an employee up. Freelancers are a lightweight alternative to the Full-Time gig and can play a major role in your startup or companies success in the digital market.


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