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How To Choose An Enterprise Mobile App Solution

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In this free whitepaper from Hedgehog Lab, you will learn about the different enterprise apps and how to go about choosing one.

There are two different types of solutions: Commercial off-the-shelf options (COSO) and Custom Mobile solutions (CMS). COSO tends to cover a broader array of basic features but sacrifices it’s leanness and security while CMS tends to be better for addressing specific business needs (of course at a higher cost).

“Mobile app downloads worldwide are expected to reach 268.69bn” according to Hedgehog Lab. Which means that there are plenty of opportunities still to be had in the enterprise mobile application space. In their whitepaper, they go over the various segments that determine which solution makes the most sense.

If you are looking to implement an enterprise mobile app solution, it’s best to start with your company’s business objectives concerning the app. If it involves heavy back-end and big data, then CMS is clearly the way to go. Basic tasks that can be standardized can be left for a COSO solution. However, COSO solutions risk having performance and support drawbacks and are only cost-effective up to a certain point.

One important thing to keep in mind is that when it comes to COSO solutions, the user interface is standardized. If your app needs to present specialized information then it’s best that you go with a CMS solution.

This resource is great for managers looking to gain some insight on the current options for outsourcing their enterprise mobile app development. You will walk away with knowledge of the pro’s and con’s of each path and can present an actionable plan to your companies stakeholders with confidence.

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