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Kony Releases Conversational AI DevKit for Kony Quantum

Kony has recently announced the launch of its Conversational AI DevKit, now available on the Kony Quantum platform. This technology is meant to enable developers to build more engaging web and mobile applications, and provide conversational capabilities to developers of any skill level. With this release, Kony hopes that this technology can be used for all types of applications and use cases.

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“Conversational AI can transform the customer experience by enabling people to use their voices, or text, to interact more immersively with their apps,” says Bill Bodin, CTO at Kony. “We are excited to deliver prebuilt integrations of multiple Natural Language Processing (NLP) engines on the Kony Quantum low-code development platform. This innovation makes it much easier for developers to integrate Conversational AI capabilities into their applications. Now, developers can simply drag and drop a conversational experience directly into their development project, complete with backend functionality.”

Kony’s Quantum Conversational AI DevKit brings several functionalities and benefits to the table. The intelligent conversational itnerface leads to more personalized and engaging applications for customers, partners, and employees. The platform also offers speech-to-text and text-to-speech capabilities, as well as low-code platform and NLP engine integrations.

Conversational AI interfaces have seen increasing adoption in various tech spaces throughout recent years. With technology like Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri, conversing with applications is quickly becoming the easiest way to deliver an engaging user experience. AI can create highly personalized experiences by enabling smart interactions through human and digital-based touchpoints.

To learn more about Kony and its new Kony Quantum AI DevKit, click here.

Anna Birna Turner

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