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OutSystems Launches New AI-Assisted Development Capability

OutSystems Launches New AI-Assisted Development Capability

OutSystems Launches New AI-Assisted Development Capability

OutSystems, a provider of low-code app development solutions, has announced its new AI-assisted development capability. Designed for IT professionals and business people who develop applications, this AI “copilot” uses expertise learned from millions of anonymized code and application patters to suggest the next best action for users during the development process.

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“For OutSystems and the R&D group, a future with no limits is one where intelligent tools augment the work of developers and business users. We are striving to make app delivery 100x faster so anyone can deliver robust, high-quality apps of all complexities,” says António Alegria, Head of Artificial Intelligence at OutSystems. “By leveraging state-of-the-art AI and machine learning research done in-house and in collaboration with top research institutions, we succeeded in creating an artificial expert that allows them to be more productive and effective. And, we’re just getting started. Look for more to come in 2020.”

The AI assistant allows users to stay focused and productive, while simultaneously providing support for those who are new to coding. The assistant helps them learn faster, and makes the development process easier. It provides inline suggestions for the next step in logic flows, specific to existing business logic. This feature works in any environment, including web, mobile, reactive web, services, business processes, and more.

“I just tried this for the first time, and what used to take five minutes of searching and a lot of mouse movement took about a second. The AI feature guessed exactly what I wanted to do! It is impressive,” said Vincent Koning, software engineer at Royal Boskalis Westminster. “It helps me prevent repetitive strain injury symptoms, and because I use the mouse less, I can continue working for longer periods of time.”

If you want to learn more about this new feature, click here. 

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