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The Top iOS 11 Features for Your App

It is an exciting time for app development. Interesting new technologies have finally been abstracted into frameworks. We’ve decided to compile a concise list of the top iOS 11 features to consider when building your app. Most of these are consumer-facing however, there has been a lot of work done on the developer side to improve existing frameworks. In order to compete with other apps in the marketplace, it would be wise to implement only the features that apply to your app. Let get to it.

For Developers

Large tech companies have been aggressively pushing toward a Voice Assisted future and it’s no surprise that Apple has provided developers with a framework to make voice interaction within an app easier. The potential of leveraging such a feature in your own app is great.

While AI has been used in other contexts such as regular voice assistants such as Siri for quite some time now. The ability to provide the same level of interaction inside an app in order to accomplish various tasks within can be a very attractive feature.

Enter Apple’s dedicated Machine Learning framework. CoreML allows developers to implement machine learning models into their apps. Using machine learning to improve the user experience of your app can potentially yield good returns regarding the among of time people spend on the app.

CoreML Diagram Top iOS 11 features

CoreML Diagram

When you add CoreML to your app, you then unlock the power of the Vision framework. The Vision framework allows you to apply image analysis and computer-vision techniques for things like facial recognition. While only the iPhone X has a face scanner, it will be interesting to see what new ways developers will choose to use this framework.

The ARKit allows developers to use camera and motion tracking features of an iPhone/iPad in order to integrate them s into an Augmented Reality experience app or game. Any app with a real-world component can benefit from having AR. This is currently the largest AR framework in the world and it will be very interesting to see how it will be used in the years to come as AR becomes a prominent feature.

For Consumers

Like Venmo, SamsungPay and Google Wallet, ApplePay now allows users to send money to their friends and family through their Messages app and even connects to debit and credit cards. Whats more is that it is integrated with Siri now for easier access.

Business Chat
Instant customer service has never been easier with Business Chat. Now users are able to interact with the business they buy from through their Messages app at the push of a button.

Drag & Drop
Developers can make anything draggable for users to move content around their devices. To learn a more about Drag & Drop you can read about it on Apple’s website.

That about sums up our list. We hope you take some of these features and experiment with them a little more.

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